Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taxi Kep

About a year ago, Bestfriend and i took a 'taxi' from Sihanoukville to Kep

Yeah, thats four people in the back seat of the car, which is the 'taxi' introduced to us by Sa

We were thinking that it is a lot more luxurious sitting in the front seat

Oh we were so wrong, the driver went to a village to pick up a monk who squeezed in next to the capped guy in front!

Okayyy, thats weird but not as bad as whats to come next

The driver picked up another guy who squished himself next to the driver!!

Bestfriend burst out laughing and everyone looked at her!

Panorama shot of the 4 people in front! How does the driver drive???

Thats not all, the driver stopped along the way to pick up items

Some wood thingie that sticks out of the car

The driver dropped off some people along the way and then went to deliver the wood. He later told us that is his house

Not a bad house, nice big compound, he works hard by overloading his car

Finally in luxury, the two of us have the whole backseat to ourselves

It was USD 8 per person for the taxi. 100km drive


Isya said...

HAHAHAHAAHAH! how does the taxi driver drive???? was he sitting on the other guy??? we should try that some day.

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHA, i have no idea! I think i fell asleep for a while after that. Thank god i arrived safely! Dunno if Malaysian polis will tangkap. So weird to have 2 ppl in the driver's seat!

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!! I wont believe it if you dont have any pics as proof. Hahah! This is funny. I think the taxi driver need an MPV!

Sue Lin said...

Wasn't easy to take pictures! Hahah, it was hard taking my camera out of my bag too, no space in the car!

supplementals said...

i think i would count as 2 in there hehe

Jacqueline said...

Hahah!! What car was it actually? If its a normal Sedan, 4 ppl at the back is not too bad actually... :p

Joey said...

I actually LOL-ed when I saw the pic of the 4th guy getting in to the front seats. The pic of the driver squeezed to the side is just TOO funny!! Hahahaha...
I can see why your best friend found it hilarious. It really is!

Sue Lin said...

Supp hahha i'll be mad if i have to sit with 3 other ppl in the back seat and one of them was u! The driver would be pissed too. Hahaha

Jac its a sedan. Its okay la, bit sempit but not too bad. Ppl in south east asia are small

Joey hahah, glad u enjoyed the pictures =) I was in such disbelief at that point, i didnt think it was funny! Hahah