Thursday, November 11, 2010

Melbourne Again

Another real time blog post, no time for picture posts. I'm in Melbourne now

Melbourne is reality for me, i have started draft no.2 of my resume. And soon its time to start sending them out =( 8 months of not working. Flew by.

I saw a car i like. Its manual, just like my old baby. Test drove it today but still unsure... Hmmmm...

Going camping with aunt and cousins tomorrow! =)


Sue Lin said...

Camping was awesome though it rained so so much. Took some pictures. Might or might not blog about it, even if i do blog about it, it'll take AGES. Hehehehhehe

Sue Lin said...

On the way back from Eildon, we stopped by a couple of wineries. I joined the adults wine tasting and one of the ladies working there asked "Is she 18?"

Hahahhah =)

Another thing. I did some banking today and used my Victorian driving licence as ID! Hahaha, so happy!

MK Loo said...

why my earlier comment disappeared?
the maybank card ppl phoned me and asked why sue lin used her card in australia 10 dollar on 11 Nov 2010.

Sue Lin said...

Huh??? Why they call u wan? Yeah, thats correct. Its in my statement now.

And i didnt see any earlier comment leh