Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TIme Management

"Your job search can be a full-time job and will require a lot of self-discipline. While you will have more freedom in the way you spend your day, the majority of your time will be best spent doing productive work on career transition. A period of transition between jobs may give you more time to spend with your family or friends, but becoming a full-time child minder, housekeeper or socialite will delay your re-entry into the workforce"

When i read that today, i was like shit. And then i got my resume draft no. 2 done!!! Super happy now!

Treating myself to a short blog post, albeit a wordy one. And i am finally going to get to take a look at some of my 31-day-travel pictures =)


Sue Lin said...

First thing i did was count the number of photos i have (such an accountant).

6300 pictures. Looks little but i met my quota of 100 pix a day and exceeded by 100% =) At 6300 i took 200 a day on average =)

Plus, due to limited memory (12GB haha), i have already deleted a lot of double shots and bad pictures. So 6300 has already been filtered once

Isya said...

oh boy that's a lot of pictures! I shld get a bigger memory too. My current memory is only 2gb.

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya! I have six 2GB SD memory cards. My old old camera cannot take anything more than 2GB