Monday, February 11, 2008


For those of u who failed Geography in PMR... or those of u who got an A for it but cant remember much (like me =P ), a kelong is a fishing place...

... built on stilts...

... in the middle of the ocean.

NOT your typical holiday resort. More like a refugee camp

My sis and i. With our bunk beds. Father in the background playing around with fishing hooks.

The toilet is a hole in the kelong... ur shit and pee goes STRAIGHT into the deep blue sea. I didnt take any picture of the toilets, cuz it doesnt turn out good in photos.

Why did we choose to live in poverty during the festive season? Cuz my father wanted a trip like this for years and years. I remember him talking about it before.

Look at how happy is he! Hahah. Nice scenery in his pic. Not many scenic shots in our "refugee camp".

Another pic of our quarters. I complained quite a fair bit =P but hey at least i went and brought u this post! My Singaporean cousins didnt wanna go on Survivor. =P

I tried fishing, not my first time by the way. Baybeetea aint no princess

Look at my little fishes! Poor little dumb fishies... they actually ate the fake fish bait with hooks.

One of my prized catch!
A little apollo fish, to be used as fish bait for bigger fishes later on.

Not easy to get a pic like that, some of the fishes manage to escape the line when i bring it in too slow.

My uncles helped me unhook them after i've reeled them in. Wahaha, great being a girl, when my bro caught those fishies, my uncle said "Do yourself" and he had to! HAHAHAH

But look at my face... the expression is cuz i pity those fishes. Seeing their mouths all torn... seeing the hook in their guiles (however u spell it...). And some of the fishes accidentally get hooked on their back fin. They bleed, they have red blood like us humans, they look so pitiful

I walked around and took photos of what others caught...

This snake like whatever fish had a long mouth, something like a shark's, with teeth. The guy wanted to take the hook out of its mouth. The long mouth broke into such a short length as the guy tried n tried to get the hook out. It bled and struggled in pain

The next one was luckier...

This frog-like fisheeee was expertly unhooked really quickly and thrown back into the sea without a drop of blood. The man who caught it was afraid that this weird thing was poisonous.

Thats my family's bucket of fishes... only half of what we caught. Got nothing big...

After a night at the kelong, we were supposed to go to Singapore but my mom was too sick and so she and the rest of the family were to go back to KL. I wanted to go to Singapore from Batu Pahat alone by bus cuz i have never met my new baby nephew and i already made plans with the wonderful Singapreans i met in Frankston.

But oh my god, all bus tickets to Singapore is sold out until THURSDAY! So i'm back in KL now =P

OOOOOOh! And i learnt how to play mahjong at the kelong! =) Quite a struggle to READ those Chinese words on the mahjong tiles! But the game is such addictive fun!

Oh and my father dropped his specs into the sea at the Kelong! HAHAAH, Damn funny! Long story. But that meant my bro n i had to take turns driving back to KL!


Marcus said...

A relaxing holiday. Fishing makes a patient man. The frog like fish looks creepy..Gong Xi Fa Cai, Sue.

She's Jess said...

i love the tee you are wearing and that is really a great experience

Sue Lin said...

Marcus happy chinese new year to u too! The little fishes i caught didnt need much patience =P

Jess, thanks the tee was from my bestfriend, she bought it in phillipines. Yeah it was a great experience but once is enough! LOL =P

Jacqueline said...

Great experience! But how ur dad dropped his specs? He was 'punched' by one of the fishies? LOL!

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Jac, didnt know u commented till NOW!

He put his specs on the... wood near the refugee bed thing... and he didnt know there was a whole behind it, so he pushed his specs into the sea. HAHAHAH, we didnt believe him at first