Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pulau Ketam

A boat ride away from Port Klang...

A pretty picture of the little fishing village

And the ugly side of the same island

Pulau Ketam means Crab Island

The desirable species (as in a good to eat)...

And the undesirable


The window

of the boat to get to the island

and the toilet bowl,

i mean hole

Not like that there aren't any normal toilets

Just that are used for an alternate function! Hahah

Mode of transport


We rented some just for fun

The blogger

with E

The blogger's parents

My sis, my bro and his then gf went on the trip too...

The busy part of the island

by nightfall

Uncle selling meat

He posed for my mom, who takes good pix =)

What kids do on the island

They were looking for/at this creature

Beats me, what the hell it is...

That sums up our two days one night family trip

My father likes this sort of simple holidays. We went to a Kelong too in 2008


Anonymous said...

those creatures are called Mud Skippers

Jacqueline said...

I went there during CNY this year... Just for the seafood... =p *yum*

supplementals said...

Love how u contrasted everything. Unlike bloody travel ads.

Sue Lin said...

livinindaze thanksss i forgot! Hahaha

Jac yeahhh, too bad we picked the WRONG restaurant when we were there, it really sucked! =(

Supp thanksss!! =) It wasnt intentional, i selected the pictures i wanted some time ago and when i started the editing i just cooked up what to right while deciding the sequence in which to publish the pictures

Plus, no one is paying me! So its freedom of speech all the way

Isya said...

mud skippers looks really scary. like some mutated fish/frog in some movie.

the toilet hole looks pretty scary too. how small is it? looks hard to aim in :S

Sue Lin said...

Isya hahah, yeah it does look like a cross between a fish and a frog!

I cant really remember, um, its a reasonable size? I didnt use it!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Nicely taken photos. May I know what camera you are using for these?

Sue Lin said...

Wow! Thanks for the compliments Shyue Chou!

Two cameras were used, one is my Canon Ixux 800 (6 megapixels) and my mom's Konica Minolta Dimage Z20 (5megapixels)

To be honest, i did do some minor computer editing to the brightness and contrast of the photos here

Joey said...

Ohhhh...I like this post! So interesting-ly written. I like how you made fun of the toilets.

Just a quick one to say I dropped by hehe

supplementals said...

Hey there, thought i'd leave a word of encouragement.

Your gilaness will get you places!

Sue Lin said...

JOEY!!!!! So glad and pleasantly surprised when E told me u dropped by! Ur comment really made me happy! =D Thank u so much for your compliments!

Supp awwwwww, i really didnt expect that! Thanks man! Happy u think so! I do my best, the rest is up to fate

Grammar correction in Nov 25 Comment: ...just cooked up what to *write...