Monday, November 02, 2009

Spot the Differences

Entertain yourself

My messy study table, there are 12 differences

Gotta give my heart and soul to my Management Accounting and Analysis assignment due tomorrow night.

Click here for answers


Anonymous said...

So free ar? assignment assignment assignment~!

Sue Lin said...

I took the pictures a long time ago. Just need to post only

supplementals said...

For pic 2

1. Pusat Kasturi is on backwards
2. Clock hands traveled to the future
3. I can see 2 shiny things in top left
4. Suddenly, theres a hole in ur hole puncher
5. Stabilo markers decided to swap position
6. So did that green pen
7. Orange eraser turned invisible
8. Earphones prefer to be on top
9. Postit turned pink
10. You bought a new mechanical pencil in less than ten seconds!
11. AND a new thumbdrive
12. AND a new pen
13. AND some color stripes
14. all while turning on ur phone.

ok fine. I only found 10 actual ones. unless u actually included some of those crap ones :p All the best with ur ass!

Isya said...

oh boo-ness. how come i can only see the first picture??? i want to play also!!!! i love spot the differences. haha..

Sue Lin said...

Supplementals, very good! Hahah, i'll correct ur answers later =) Thanks for playing the game and writing that long ass comment! E read out ur words for me over the phone and it was soooo funny!

Isya awww no. Try again? Hope it works! I was bored of studying for tax when i took those pictures. I think it was when we were doing tax...

Jacqueline said...

hahaha!! Ur still keeping those PTK's paper files... Mine are all into the bin already... =p

Sue Lin said...

These are new ones! 2009 Jac, very good to plan leave and to look at the public holidays! I cant wait for Dec

Sue Lin said...

Supp, all correct, u spotted everything. Everything counts except no.3 and no. 4 to arrive at 12 correct answers

Yes the clock counts! HAHAHA, i knew people were gonna pin point that!

Valdez Lisa said...

lol..I have same thought too. Thought you were so free. lol...

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, no la, i am never free, i only PROCRASTINATE