Saturday, November 28, 2009


Scarred since the day i became a victim to snatch thieves

I've had a deep fear of the sound of motorbikes

And i am extremely cautious

Yes, that's my laptop backpack wearing a seatbelt.

The handbag goes in between the two front seats.

AND the seatbelt goes into the strap...

Quite often, i'd study in this 24 hour cafe near my house till late, really late.

The Malaysian Police Force decided to put a routine police block every single night right in front of the entrance to my street. No, not because i asked them to, of course not

Sometimes they dont bother about me, sometimes they ask for my license.

The other night they wanted to see my license. With my handbag there in the middle of my seat, i unbuckled the seatbelt. And the policemen thought i "baru pasang" my seltbelt!! (He thought i wasn't wearing my seatbelt!) He thought i broke the law! My god, i was damn scared, i had to explain my situation!

Me, me, ME?!?!?! I always wear my seatbelt okayyy? I am THE ONE reminding others all the time!


Jacqueline said...

Aww... not long ago my friend's lappie was snatched the same way... he left it on the passenger seat. =(

I think thats not the best place to keep ur hand bag even u 'seat-belt' it. Coz it is still visible to the snatch thief. They might snatch it by force... *scary*

I usually put my handbag on my right hand side. in between me n the door. I believe the snatch thieves target the passenger seat more often...

Anonymous said...

Nuisance ppl trying to rip your $$$! Its good that u stood up :)

Babe, you could opt to put your bag/laptop at the boot or under the car seat where this tiny space :)

-Racheal Chin-
Ps: btw the KSP pics are up! Just check myspace ya :)

Sue Lin said...

Jac kesihan ur friend!! In the middle its harder to reach i guess, i'll go try and see later.

My friend and i discussed putting the handbag on the right side, doesnt seem to be too good cuz if they really wanna snatch your bag from there, the breaking glass will cut you

Rach heyyy! Lazy to put in boot, cuz gotta open it, normally just put on the passenger floor la and if i know there are traffic lights, will just buckle up the bags.

I went to see the pics, slow la u! Hahahah

Jacqueline said...

True... But I thought if I put it on my right side is kind of hidden from the bikers.

Another way will be use the non-breakable tinted glass lo... Thats safer I guess. Or put curtain... LOL!!!

Sue Lin said...

Jac, u have a point there, but if they DO see and decide to snatch, will get hurt ma

Yup, tinted is the best, but its so expensive!! My senior kept on asking me to tint my windows... but she resign d, so i never do it...

Isya said...

sue lin!!!! yeah, i agree with jacqueline, put ur bag on the right side, its mode hidden. and yes, tint your glass. my cousin kena too, but since her car was tinted, only the glass broke, the tint didn't koyak. so yeah!

racheal, i also want to see photos!!! can i add you in myspace too???

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

What happened afterwards?

Sue Lin said...

Yup Isya, u told me, i think... or i heard it somewhere. I think i'll put the bag on the floor, cuz i tried reaching in for the middle with my window is opened, it isnt so hard. I think during the day i would put it on the floor and at night when its not visible i'll put it in the middle.

Sigh, cannot afford to tint la, our pay isnt fantastic, i wanted to spray paint my car a new colour also cannot afford.

CSC, u referring to what happened after they checked me here or what happened after my handbag got snatched? If its the latter,