Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It Happened to Me

Was on the way to work, typical day. Thought i was late, as usual, decided to take my fever medicine at the traffic light instead of replying my dear E's sms.

So my phone remained in my handbag, on my passenger seat.

Didnt see it coming, there was a loud crash on my left, thought a stone flew to my window or there was an accident on my left. Screamed and turned to the right, to shelter my face.

Next thing i knew a dark hand reached in and snatched my handbag and all thats in it!

Except my stupid pills cuz i took that out of my bag, why couldnt i have taken my phone out instead?

Too shocked to get down the bastards number plate.

Was trapped at the red light, there was a car in front of me, cant change lanes to chase. Honked. Saw them make a left turn, by the time it was green light and i went where the bike went i was too late.

Went home, called father, mom, E. Called work. Spent the day driving around in KL's mad heat with a broken window, went to 3 different police stations

i'm not the only victim of this morning

A Chinese auntie lost her bag too and so did a young Malay lady. Then went to make a new IC. Fix the car window, and get a new Maybank ATM

I feel so sad, i miss my purple phone so so much. And damn that's one precious annual leave wasted as an emergency leave.

I wish i could stop living for a while, don't want to face the reality of it all

But i cant, back to work tomorrow and i've got to study tonight.

Well, at least i wasn't hurt at all, just one tiny little scratch on my left hand, less than 5mm wide, not deep at all, didnt hurt one bit. My face is alright, no shattered window glass cuts. No broken legs or ribs, no bruises. Have to be thankful. There are some people who lost their lives because of snatch theft

Ladies, dont put your handbag on ur passenger seat when driving alone. I never thought this would happen to me. Please don't be next, dont want u to go through what i went through


Janette Tang said...

hope ur fine sue, is there a new phone number or the same?

sakurablossom said...

I am sorry to hear what happen... i hope you are ok now and feel better soon...

+ : A d a M : + said...

aiyoo i just come back from thailand and i see this!! do let me know if u have a new number ok. try n meet up soon..=D

supplementals said...

OMG! I dont think its actually possible to foresee any of these things coming. Not even if you drive an armored kancil. So appalled at how blatantly they do such things! really hope u'll be alright.. let me know if i can help in any way alright?

Valdez Lisa said...

Thank god you are safe and not hurt. I will take this as lesson.

Don't make yourself too stress. I know the test is coming, just try your best. I'm studying too whenever i don't need to stay late for work. good luck.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Janette, i'm physically fine. Same number, its registered now so i got back the same number on the same day

Sakurablossom, hey! Havent heard from you in a while! How are u?! You gave me a pleasant surprise and made me smile for a while! =)

Sigh. Well, i'm ok, miss my phone so much but thankful, it could be worse.

Yeah man. Adam, u just came back to a ***ed up country. Warn ur mom, Wendy and her XOXO friends ok? NO handbags on passenger seat. I dont want them (or anyone) to go through what i went through. I'll sms u

Supplementals, armoured might have saved me baby phone? I'm physically fine la, emtionally quite unstable (with pms, icaa workload, work work load, i dont know how to cope). Can i send u to beat them up please??? But i dont know who they are.

Can i get u to organize a GIANT protest to the government to DO something about snatch theft? Why is it a norm for this to happen? =(

Ok i better stop, need to work and study too if possible

Sue Lin said...

Hey VLisa thanks =) Hope we'll both make it through this paper

soo imm said...
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soo imm said...

blardy snatch thieves!!!!
i hope karma gets them. like really bad.
thank god you're not hurt huns. so sorry to hear about this...and my condolences to your phone too :(
good luck for your paper and hope you feel better now =/ *hugs*

ying2 said...

I am so shocked...the fella darn bastard..hope you are alright now..
all the best to your ICAA exam...ganbateh!!

Serene said...

gosh..doing it in bright light... no wonder my mom keeps getting so paranoid when driving at home..
luckily you weren't hurt.... pity about your purple phone though..=(

dawn said...

Gosh..sorry to hear that. Didn't get to see ur phone yet. take care. yea, always put handbags on the right instead. hugss

Sue Lin said...

Soo Imm, thanks i hope so too. I somewhat wish i can see them in action doing the same thing to someone else and i wish i was in the position to drive into them... =(

Anyway, thanks for wishing me luck and thanks for the hugs! It helps =)

Ying Ying, thanks, i'm alright and stress la need to study =( U becareful when driving ok?

Serene hey, ya lorrr, people go to work, they also go to 'work'. Stay in Aust if u can!

Dawn, i dam scared d... dun dare to put on drivers side also, what if they see ur bag there n smash ur driver's side window to grab ur bag? Like that sure will get cuts all over!

The feeling when the window shattered and glass flew in was horrifying

She's Jess said...

Hey Sue Lin, sorry to hear about that.

My neighbour's car got smashed just right after she parked her car in front of the gate. Some idiots actually have the guts to tail you back till home.

Hers was worse. She had don't know how many stitches on her arm.

Joey said...

Sorry to hear about that. Crime is getting worse each day.

Glad you are okay, though.

Sue Lin said...

Oh my god! So sorry to hear about your neighbour, Jess? Poor thing! Malaysia is going from bad to worst, dunno how she can avoid that

Thanks Joey, glad i'm ok too. Good thing u are in the UK throughout most of this bad economy time. Tell ur mom to be super careful ok?

Isya said...

oh sue linn!!! i hope ur okay. i'll pray with u that those people will get into an accident and not die. cause dying's too nice for them. they would be paralyzed or something. and have to suffer for a really really long time! hah, take that u evil snatch thieves!

*hugs for you.

Daniel said...

hey, sorry to hear about this incident.

Glad to hear that you're fine.
thats the most important thing.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Isya, that's pretty graphic, but i really really do wish they would pay, even jail would be fine. Jail for a long long time

Thanks for the hugs =)

Yeah Daniel, thank god i'm 100% physically fine. Slightly emotionally effected tho... really really phobia already