Saturday, February 28, 2009

Materialistic Girl

E was sooo sooo sweet last week but i pms-ed at him... i'm such a bad girlfriend...

Anyway, he brought me to Low Yatt to hunt for a new phone. All shops didnt have my limited edition phone. He patiently brought me to Sungai Wang next. Its fated =)

We looked at this shop and he thought they didnt have my model. But i saw the white one and pointed it to him, i almost lost hope of finding my colour...

But E asked the guy for my purple one and i was shocked beyond words when he said it was available! And it was the last one in the shop!

Meet my lost phone's evil twin!

I still have the box and accessories of my old phone...

Thanks E, love youuuuuuu

Next splurge is hardly a splurge

It pays to be be nice to as many people as you can! HEHEHE, check out my new Swatch, 40% discount =) =) =)

RM138, picked it from a catalogue, ordered by sms, paid via, collected it in a brown envelope, from a locked drawer at work.

HAHAHA, didnt even have to GO to Swatch man! I absolutely LOVE it. Regret not buying one for my mom! Its too late to get another one d =(


Isya said...

hey you.
nice watch.
btw, we're meeting tomorrow at office to answer the quiz. sometime around 11-11.30ish. coming?

sorry, im not sure whether ur using the same number...

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya! Ur fast! HAHAH! Thanks!

I've sent u an sms but gonna write a reply here anyway, can only be there at 12.30 earliest so u guys go ahead, i'll call to see if anyone is still in the office before going there. Damn i need to go to office anyway JUST to drop off a letter

And yea, same number, its registered. Been using the same number for 7 years now!

supplementals said...

Lol, pms-ed at him. Nvr heard that before! U sure the fella who stole ur phone didnt sell it to the sg wang guy? :p Cool swatch, nvr heard of such a payment system haha.

Daniel said...

haha omg. you've started on CA already!

hope you're not doing FIN. FIN is the hardest among the 4 technical subjects.

I'm doing tax and i'm already dying.

p.s nice phone.(again!)

Sue Lin said...

Supplementals, never hear before meh? I always pms teruk teruk since... i started working! HAHA.

Its definitely different la, my old keypads are all broken! And the slide feels different...

Thats the busy Sue Lin order/payment/pick up system. Its new! HAHA

DAMN RIGHT Daniel, omg i've started! =(

I AM doing FIN, it drains me completely, i need to read each sentence 3-4 times, so when i finish one unit, i have actually read it 3 times! BUT i can't debate the facts with colleagues, i come up blank and they are spitting out answers, i felt so... intimidated!

=( Its the hardest eh? What a great start... sigh... at least if i pass i would have the hardest paper of the 4 out of the way.

Ps. thanks (again =)

Isya said...

hello. ur sitting opposite me now. *giggles

sorry. im bored.

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, Isya, u've been making me laugh all day la!