Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Phone Has Wings!

When you change your phone only once in 3 to 4 years, a 5month old phone is considered new for quite some time.

That said, this is my new phone! =) First camera phone bought after my company paid out their yearly bonus.

Funny how
-my first phone Nokia 3350 costs RM650 black and white screened purchased after PMR in Feb 2002;
-the second phone costs RM590 - colour screen Nokia 6100 in Dec 2004;
-and my latest baby costs RM670, Sony Ericson S500i purchased in August 2008.

Its purple but cant really be seen in the picture! =) Love love it when both guys and girls , colleagues and clients, even salespeople admire my phone for its unique colour =)

You gotta see in it real life! Hehe


BabY KaT said...

love ur new phoneee :)

happy new year babe!
belated but : )
better late than neveR :D

soo imm said...

ooo, purple!!! me like!! *steals phone* :D

Daniel said...

nice phone. Damn it. should have bought it when I was back in KL...

I like that phone!

gOrgeOus gRaCe said...

nice phone....well purple is my favourite so obsessed to purple... XD

Sue Lin said...

Kat, thanks! Hahha, yeah, i think its still ok to wish Happy New Year! =) We'll have another round of greetings on CNY, happy shopping! Hehe

Soo Imm, no!!! *Prevents u from stealing* Haha =)

Thanks Daniel, u couldn't see it in the dark when we were at the mamak is it??? Ask ur dad or someone to buy and mail it over la, should b okay

Oooh, *high 5* Grace! I love purple too, its my original favourite colour before i started liking pink and made my blog pink and then everyone thinks that my sole fav colour is pink =P

Zhen Han said...

3 - 4 years a new phone? wow, i think i changed phone 4 times within that period d man! =.=

Sue Lin said...

HAHAAH, yeah man i damn proud of not changing phones as often as YOU!

My Nokia 6100 cannot ring and cannot vibrate anymore! HAHAHA

Daniel said...

i like the red one better!

Isya said...

u little phone show off!!

im sleepy but i have to do work. booooo work. boo boo boo!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Daniel, I had my eye on something red too, never even thought of purple until i saw mine. Immediately buy.
Actually wanted that model for a few months but hesitating, when i saw limited edition purple i immediately buy

Isya, yeah man, i am so sleepy now but i gotta do dataenrty at home! Dun wannnnnn, why must we have peak?