Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sorry for my absence! Was on a family trip to

Came back on late Sat night, visited school friends and gambled (we were such addicts) on Sun and had a gym and E day today... Now i am freaking tired!

Gotta work tomorrow, i dun wanna have to undo my RM20 Bali hair, but i had to. Fun's over

Overall, i think Cambodia was a better trip... Bali... is overrated i guess. So it didnt meet expectations. Beaches were no where as scenic as my mind painted it out to be. And poor little sis, bro, my father and half the tour group had bad tummy aches after eating here:

"FRESH" grilled seafood? Right!

Mom and i have iron stomachs, according to E. And my cousin didn't eat much of the stuff. More picture soon, promise! Goodnight for now

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Isya said...

more pictures pls. thank u!

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, sorry sorry! See latest post

Daniel said...

nice fcuk shirt. i've got it in white!

Sue Lin said...

HIGH 5*! =) Its a damn nice plain white t-shirt right? It says No Fcukin Worries, yours the same?

I bought it from DFO Assendon before i left!