Monday, February 16, 2009

Bali Day 1

Woke up insanely early to head to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) which was... well, very low cost.

Flew Airasia, my second time, they actually had seat numbers!

I dont get it why they always stop you from taking pictures of the airplane like what the guy on the right is doing

Upon arrival, i noticed Bali's distinct architecture:

At Denpasar airport, we were greeted with garlands of flowers!

If you don't know my family, thats bro, sis, me, cousin who blogs here (check out her Bali post) and my Mommy!

Bali roads, from our tour bus. Don't ask me why is it that i always go for tour, its my father's style.

Below, my loving parents! =)

I should have lighten the picture... Dont they look sweet together? =)

Lunch was at this place:

We sat outdoors cuz there wasn't any electricity! The sambal rocks! Love it so much! I normally don't food blog but the chicken below was good

Apparently u can even eat the bones. Just that i didnt really like eating the bones and i stuck to the meat...

The bus brought us to our hotel to get checked in. Just a 3 star place that looks disappointing from the outside...

But inside its pretty decent, with the whole Bali feel going on

I showed my senior my pictures when i was at work cuz she was planning a trip to Bali and she said "I dont need to stay in such a nice hotel!" HAHAHA
Next on our iteneary, was the Uluwatu temple

Its 200meters above sea level, i love the way the waves crashes in. The place is full of monkeys. There was an obesed one... really ugly thing with a big belly. But u'll see none of them here

If you wear shorts or a mini skirt, u will have to wear a sarong at these temples,

hence the new trend. Pretty nice pic my father took

And one of me my mom took:

Bring on the sunglasses, the sun was shinning so bright, i knew i had to wear them, more so out of vanity, my eyes disappear in photots when the sun shines bright and i knew u people'd be demanding for pictures!

Soon after, we headed to Jimabaran Beach for dinner

Looks pretty here, cameras can play tricks with different angles but the beach was full of rubbish!

Me, enjoying my coconut water despite being near so much rubbish. Oh, thats the restaurant that made so many people sick.

After dinner, we walked around Kuta town. I was trying to get a prepaid simcard. The best simcard to call and sms back to Malaysia is Mentari. 36,000 rupiah (RM12) bought me 25 to 30 smses and over 30minutes talk time. Activating the simcard was quite a bitch though.

And did u know office in Indonesian is "kantor"? Weird right? In Malay its just offis! HAHAHAHA, oh no wait, its pejabat....

Anyway, i miss my CNY holidays, i really played and was so carefree, i even had long camwhore sessions. What do u think?

A bit of eyeshadow and I drew 1cm of eyeliner over each eye. Good? Bad? Compare it to the one of me with the coconut, what do u think?


BokYuan said...

Hey Sue,

I've been to Indonesia myself a few times especially to Jakarta, besides the word you have written in this post, the most used word in Indonesia especially in the major towns are "macap" which means traffic-jam. I see you have a complete holidays excitement. Cheers!

Sue Lin said...

Oooh, i didnt know that Marcus. Why did u go to Indonesia a few times? All different places?

Isya said...

eh, how come i didnt see this post????

anyhoos, i didnt fancy the monkey place. when zah went, she captured like a momma monkey feeding her baby. very cute but no, i still dont fancy monkeys. i was soo scared the thing might decide to jump on me or something.

and i loveeeeeddd jimbaran. i love having ikan bakar by the beach. hahaha.

u look like ur mom.

and i miss cny holidays too!

im in office again. and alonee... again.

Isya said...

eh look. i got picture now. hhihihihihihihihi....

Sue Lin said...

Ehhh is it? Maybe many people didnt see this too, so few comments =( So much effort went into selecting pictures and labeling them! Stupid snatch thieves la

I dont fancy monkeys either. Scared of their bites. When i was really young my father said that when they bite they can bite you deep until your bones can be seen. For many many years i had a very strong fear of them, had nightmares also. But now not so bad la, just dun fancy them either.

Hahah, ur lucky u guys went to a much cleaner place on Jimbaran! Ours really spoiled our trip la.

Yup, many people say i look like my mom =)