Monday, February 09, 2009

Calling in Sick

Can't picture blog... spent most of my weekend in bed, on meds. Sorry, Terrible cough and cold.

But Saturday was good, Happy Hour Karaoke only because these friends were gonna fly off to Aust soon.

I thought RM30 for 3 hours was expensive at first but i guess its ok, Greenbox's selection of free drinks was fantastic! Drank loads of mango juice and even more warm water. Bestfriend and i kept on peeing! HAHA. She's the only one who can make me go for karaoke, and it seems like we are making it a yearly thing to sing irritating songs like Barbie Girl and Dr Jones by Aqua!

I thought 3 hours was too much but even after they gave us an extra hour, i didnt wanna let go of the mike! HAHAH. Thanks to the free warm water, i can still talk on Sunday. But i slept most of my Sunday away.

Oh, though its a public holiday tomorrow, i'm working. Night!


ying2 said...

haha can't imagine that u are addicted to sing k...gonna sing it again next month for March babies celebration..haha..u feeling better now?take a rest ya...ok cya soon =)

Sue Lin said...

Har really ar? Haha! Die la
Okie see u soon, thanks!

soo imm said...

karaoke is addictive!!
Welcome to the world of cheong k LOL~!!

n i hope you're feeling better ady, get well soon huns =) *hugs*

supplementals said...

greenbox? and my word verification is 'tulan' -___-

Isya said...

get well soon!!!

eh, u like karaoke too. we can go one day since i have membership cards for redbox and neway. hehehe.

sherlingz said...

Hey u lazy/no time to blog rite? I allow u to link my Bali post on ur post ahaha! If you dun mind faces revealed cos I'm also too lazy/no time to pick out photos without faces! Too many photos la!! hahaha!

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, aiyoooo i dun wanna make it a habit weyyy, though its fun! With ppl who tahan me, except Elwyn said he'd use the mike to ketuk my head! HAHAHAHA.

Thanks Soo Imm, but i am still coughing n my nose itches and flows =P

Ya Greenbox, a subsidiary of Redbox? No idea man. Hahah, the word veri spells out things now adays, eh, Supplementals?

Oooooh, Isya, u do?! =) =) Lets have a batchmate-k session! HAHAHAH Which Neway do u go to?

Sherling, u blog d ar? So fast! U so free! =P I'll take a look now!

Isya said...

yes yes. can bring mel along too cause we're mike hoggers!! haha.

and ive only been to neway once and its the one in subang near my house. i go more to redbox. dont know why though...

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, hopefully they have enough mikes for all of us, i hog too! Hehe

Just hope we can find the time