Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bali Day 3 and 4

First on the agenda for the morning was a Barong and Keris dance

Nice costumes. Personally... didn't enjoy it.

I feel bad for ruining Bali's tourism in any way... but my father fell asleep watching it! And my mom entertained herself by taking a picture of him! HAHAAHAH

Dressed for comfort, sneaker sisters

Then the tour brought us to an over priced Batik shop where they have people who dress u in Batik for pictures and everything's priced in USD, wood craft and carvings, silver factory...

Bali has lots of Australia. 3 mobile. Commonwealth Bank (maybe its not Aussie but thats where i first saw it), Just Jeans, Quicksilver, Roxy...

Holy spring temple at Tampa Siring

Apparently u get a wish if u wash ur face with the water. The water was so cool and refreshing

The locals were bathing in there.

I felt like jumping in! Haha

This one's a fish pond, not for bathing =P

Lots of shops on the walk back to the bus but no time to shop, the downside of following tours!

Modes of transportation. Its like that in Cambodia and other poverty stricken countries. But then again, their are blessed to get to dress up and go somewhere, unlike the hardcore poor out there. I should be thankful i am sitting here blogging...

Paddy fields, from the bus window

The downside of taking tours prevails, didnt stop to take pictures of the scenic endless paddy fields

Cousin and i at the entrance of the Elephant cave

Its a really tiny cave...

DAY 4, we chilled at the beach

You could shop at there, peddlers sell almost everything

You could do manicures and massages on the beach too. About 20,000 rupiah, about RM 7.

Cousin and i did our hair

My pretty cousin

I wanna learn to surf but time didnt permit =(

Looks like baybeetea's gotta go back to Bali again!

Cousin, sis and i took a horse carriage back to the hotel. Checked out, lunch and walked around Kuta town till it was time to head to the airport...

that's the end. Bali 2009

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AaronWoolala said...

I'm going to Bali next year. lol~
2nd time visiting Bali, this time with friends. I hope the food is cleaner now. 1st time there I suffered diarrhea. Cis. Hahaha :D

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Wahhhh so shiok went to Bali. I did the same body wrapping when I went to Langkawi

Isya said...

EY! why so post soo belated?? tsk tsk. shame on you...

anyhoos, i like ur kain thing, the white with red flowers. very cute!

and i found my hair blog thingy. its the first one in Nov 08!

im at work now.... boh-ring....

Sue Lin said...

Aaron nice! So ur first time was with parents/relatives? Going with ur photography friends next year?

U suffered diarrhea? Lots of people on my tour group did too! All the best in round2! Lol =)

Trac, yuppp, shiok! I wanna go again but there are so many places i havent seen! What is body wrap???

Isya, heheh, dun wanna bore people with the same thing all in one go ma, so i spread out. Also i am lazy! Hahah.

Thanks, the kain thing is pretty but the red part lari and the white part is not white anymore =(

Will check out the hair blog, just not tonight. God, yesterday worked 16hours... today ar...13hours. Super tired. Hope its done!

Jacqueline said...

I have experience in sitting & standing in a lorry like them too! It was during my white water rafting trip in Gopeng... Was fun!

Sue Lin said...

Oh wow really?!? Sounds fun if its not too hot under the sun, its not shaded, and Malaysia's sun is torturous!