Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I had loads to say

but now that i am in front of the computer, i feel so tired, i cant think of what to say

and two of my previous jobs are hanging... incomplete. So irritating, i have to finish it... one of them is okay, i know what to ask the manager, i can just start as soon as the damn thing finishes loading.

The other one, i really don't know who i should ask! I am so goddamned lazy and i dont wanna do what i think i might need to do unless i REALLY need to do it. I don't wanna over audit, after all no one is paying me for the nights i spend working at home. SIGH!

STRESS STRESS STRESS. Like i said on msn, i feel used, exploited and i wonder if i will be forgotten too?

Let me think of one thing happy to write about. Erm. Last Friday, courtesy of the firm, we went to Kenko Fish Spa. I seriously forgot about work as those fishes nibbled all over my feet. I totally forgot about how i sorta went against the more experienced associate, KF to be able to make it for the outing.

It was refreshing seeing my the senior manager giggling as she tried out the medium sized fishes. Though she's a mother of a 3 year old girl, when she was laughing she could easily pass off as a university student. Even the senior associate, who just became a father of a little boy was laughing when he tried the large fishes.

Found out these info during dinner after the fish spa. Dinner at Italianies! The girl who booked the thing was good, she really got a good deal. Like, 3 entres, 4 mains and 2 desserts! Stuffed full and had enough leftover for almost everyone.

On Sat, i was sorta sick. From auditing those darn unit trust funds. I slept, gym and went for early dinner then Batman with E. Great movie! A 2.5hours meaningful and entertaining story.


Sue Lin said...

hate myself for wasting 4hours

Joey said...

The term "wasting" only depends on how you look at it. You can also call it, "resting", "recuperating" etc :)

Oooohhh...I lurved Batman. I'm never a fan of superhero movies but this has got to be one of the best superhero movie

She's Jess said...

not too bad what. at least your firm sponsored you on fish spa.

I don't get any :S
Working life is stress. Don't make yrself over stressed!

Sue Lin said...

Joey, its quite simple, as long as work is not finished, doing other things is wasting time. So since the pile of work is still there, it feels like a waste. It only feels like relaxing if there is nothing stressing me out!

Yeah, its really good! I never really liked the previous Batman movies.

Jess, the sponsored the payment only, the planning all that I HAD TO DO quite a fair bit of, which was damn stressing too! Can forward you the plans for ur co if u want. Its RM28 per person for 30mins if u can get 25 people to go.