Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer 07 Collection: 01

I know, its winter now in Aussie... but what the hell, i wanna post this LONG overdue pictures!

Had a yummy picnic and pitched a tent!

With a whole day at the beach we got around to burying someone!

Deb's the victim!
She took it with grace, love her know-it-all expression!
Dee gave her a kiss

A pic of the girls

I think this one is on my Facebook?

My boyfriend and i!

My bestfriend and i
Black and white. Or white and black.

Two totally different individual yet the best of friends. Miss her like shit. And damn proud of her scoring all Distinctions this sem in Master in Communication!

Ugly pic of me but gotta post.
Cuz its Deb, i miss miss her too! 8 years of friendship! She's so pretty and carefree here

Whats a trip to the beach without a dip in the ocean?
To bestfriend's local friend,
"Those are not waves, those are ripples!"
Her exact tone and her Aussie slang remains in my memory

To get rid of expiring bread, we fed the seagulls

They sure can catch

E looks like the Lord of the Seagulls!
Look at these boys:-
One feeds them and one shoots water at them!

Dee and i wanted to give it a go.
After that we ate some really good fresh seafood at a shop along the beach.

A few days later, E and i brought the visiting girls to Victoria University.
The VU girls and E, the tour guide

I always wanted to do these on-the-grass picture thing
Too bad i dont have one of these in my OWN campus.

One evening we went to Koko Black
The four of us shared something that was meant for two
Don't ask me what it is, i ain't no food blogger. The fact that i even HAVE a picture of it before everyone dug in is a miracle, u know?

Hey, can you figure out whats wrong with these pair of Adidas?
Most of us couldn't see the defect at first, but once you do, its glaringly obvious!


She's Jess said...

is it that there's only 2 white stripes on the right pair?

Sue Lin said...

U really very the smart!