Saturday, July 05, 2008

He's leaving me

E's really really leaving me


He says he's not leaving me, he's being taken away from me...

Four and a half years ago, he was one of those listed for National Service.

Deferred a year and decided to get it over with the following year but wasn't able to.

Then after that, in newspapers and such when they printed names of those who are supposed to go but haven't gone, his name wasn't there anymore. So for the past 3 years we thought he escaped it.

Until one fine day, his mom received a registered letter summoning him to go for NS.

Noooooo... why must they take my baby away from me? Why cant they let him off on weekends at least? Why?

We will have to miss our 4th Anniversary unless they let him off on the Merdeka weekend =(

Apparently he's not the only one. She has to go too. And one of my colleagues as well.

Had a small meeting in Chilli's the evening with a few of our uni mates just to catch up.

Half of them couldn't make it, just a few of us.


supplementals said...

Lol, the pic is all too familiar. Not the girls, the height diff :D

All to best to Mr. E lol

zbed... said...

I know how you feel Sue. But I can assure you that 3 months will pass by at a split second. Before you know it, he's back in your arms =). Where abouts is Elwyn placed? Hope its not too far like where I went. I was in Kelantan, which I thought was a god forsaken place but I ended up on a beach and when I reached there..poof...3 months later I was home.. The experience made me who I am right now. I've even met a few of my most loved friends that I am close with right now. Who knows what Elwyn will experience. Of course we all wish for the best experience. LOL!! =P Don't worry too much ok?? Elwyn's a big boy. I'm sure he'll be just fine. If you're worried, I can give you the Major's number that I was under. He's the team-master for most of the Peninsula camps! LOL! =)

She's Jess said...

When is he leaving?

She's Jess said...

hey, should you need some movie companion/ shopping or dinning, call me :D

Sue Lin said...

Ya la Sup, what to do, u PEOPLE so tall.

And thanks, i think he appreciates the wish =)

Deb, i know. But the first few days are gonna be tough! I want to cry so much tonight...

U and him are two diff people, u are sooo sooo much more talkative n noisy! HAHAHA. He is not. I hope he's okay there.

He left TODAY Jess! =( haiyoh cant even sms cuz he has to serahkan his phone from Sun at 5pm till the next weekend!

Thanks for the offer =) I'll be smsing u

She's Jess said...

Sue Lin, he will do fine. It's Elwyn... :)

Sure sure. Looking forward for yr sms :)

Take care. He wants you to be fine too.

Sue Lin said...

I was quite a mess in the evening today.

Possibly he's coming back a lot sooner than i think.

Oh, yeah, i haven't replied ur sms!

MaS said...

Guess whose back. ... yes im back ... im fucking back .... shit its good to be back ....


May future generations not suffer this shit ever again~!

And i saved my hair~! WEEEEEEE

zbed... said...

Nah. I don't see any difference between me and Elwyn. May be personality wise. But he's got a brave heart and a tougher, bolder outer than I do =p... Eating cow lungs wasn't that tough to eat! Lol! You eat that, you can eat anything! Heheh I'm sure he'll do just fine! And no I was not at all talkative when I reached the Kelantan camp. This was 4 years ago. Lol!! And remember I was you know who...****...(fill in the blanks)..heheh.. And it was hard to leave him at that point... So I know what you're going through right now... And why does he have to give in his hp? Man so many things have changed! And elwyn how come ur home??? Sooo weird!! Lol!!! Where were you placed at?