Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Being single

It was horrible

Every morning, insanely early in the morning, E will be the first to send me an sms, calling me honey, wishing me a good day at work/ drive safely and to tell me he loves me.

No such sms for me on Monday morning. Parked my little Kancil at the parking lot and fought back tears. Two drops escaped my eyes and i wiped them away.

Carried on the rest of the day alright.

But when it was time to go home, i felt something was missing, i hate not being able to sms each other all the time (outside working hours).

It's as if he left me, i could send smses but they would not be replied.

He called me that night using the pay phone / public phone from the camp's canteen =)

Its so old school but so much better than nothing! I could have gotten used to waiting for him to call from the public phones each night..


I dont have to! HAHHAHA, in that call last night he said the doctor in the medical check up FORCED him to defer because of borderline high blood pressure. He needs to get a specialist to exempt him entirely tho.

By the time i got off work today, we are in each other's arms again!


She's Jess said...

Hey, things are turning better at least... for now :)

Joey said...

Awww...I so understand how you felt that Monday morn. But glad he's back now *grins*

Sue Lin said...

Jess, yeah =) But only for now.

Awww Joey, thanks

supplementals said...


Sue Lin said...

Hahha, but the whole NS shit will be haunting him la, they can summon him to go anytime AGAIN! And they just love doing it out of the blue, with just one week's notice regardless of whether people are working or what.

bacterium said...

Well, it's not so bad. Just once in a lifetime.

Sue Lin said...

Different opinions =)