Saturday, July 12, 2008


Drove 2km in 50minutes yesterday evening. The jam was THAT horrible. I could walk faster than that. And the worst part was, i wasnt even going home!

Instead, i was driving from my client's place in Changkat Raja Chulan at 6.45pm back to my office in KL for a meeting at 7.30pm-9.30pm for my next client.

Shit anot my Friday night?

Briefing was stressful as i am going to do an audit for Financial Services. I'll have to audit one WHOLE unit trust on my own! Senior says its like a small company. OMG.

Exciting and also damn scary lor. So much reading/preparing to do on my precious weekend.

And to make things worst, i have to go to office later to help out with performances for the 18th, its like... annual dinner, but its not. Each new-joiner batch over the past one year has to perform.

Feels like school all over again. To rehearse and to prepare props for a skit. Extra-curricular activities...

I freaking miss uni life, the June-July holiday part especially!
In 2007, i was in Mt Buller
2006, i was in Redang
2005, i was in Genting and Penang

This year i sat in my client's cubicle and stared at the date, looking back at my past three years of uni life. Its over, its really really over. Never again, will i be that carefree.


Sue Lin said...

So stressed i woke up at 5am, 6am, 7am and then again before my alarm rang at 8am.

Stressed stressed stressed. I feel like puking. I feel the same way i felt before SPM!

bacterium said...

err. comment on your own post?

anyway, can take lrt/monorail right?

Sue Lin said...

Yeah... i always comment in my own post instead of writing a new post. Like right now i wanna say that i was rushing off to the office yesterday afternoon and i reversed into my mother's car and broke my right brake light! =( My poor father had to spend some time fixing it today

No monorail from Changkat unless i walked. Maybe i should have done since i could definitely walk faster than 2km per hour... but still quite hard with carrying document bag, laptop and handbag. No one can send me to the station cuz my teammates had to stay back to complete tasks with that client.

Also i didnt want to walk from station to office. If drive can park in office building after hours.

If in Aussie can walk but here no la, too many snatch theives

She's Jess said...

Sue Lin, I think you get too tensed up to an extend you hav to wake up every hr.. and knocked yr mum car.

Chill a lil'. Work is work :)

+ : A d a M : + said...

walaoeh! accident is bad enough, but accident with own property is worse..haha

oh well traffic jams are bad these few days la coz of all the road blocks. Unless i can pay toll to go somewhere, gotta think twice before goin..hehe

Valdez Lisa said...

O bad was the traffic. I do not go KL lately, i din know that. But then, monday (today) morning, i heard from radio that the traffic to KL direction was not moving at all. I got shocked too although I was not affected. Btw, chill girl. slowly...take it easy, relax, don't be too stressed up...

Sue Lin said...

Can't help it Jess, i never majored in finance and the worksheet for the unit trust was so intimidating. The senior also talk damn fast and expect so much that i freaked out. I'm not naturally good at work as u so i worry a lot

Adam, ya luckily mom's car is not one of those spanking new shiny sedans. Her good ol Unser too the scratches without much main. But my baby's light looked so sad...

Thankfully, my last job senior, who surprisingly stays in the same taman as me taught me the best way to get to Bukit Bintang from our taman. I took that to work today and it was actually much clearer today than it was last week! I stayed back and did my work, i kept on looking out the window to see if the jam has cleared. I left at 9pm JAM FREE

Yea, V Lisa, when i heard the report i was already reaching. My colleague took 3 hours to get from Shah Alam to Jln P Ramlee.