Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The sun will shine tomorrow!

My senior is DAMN idealistic. He believes the Scientific theory in management can be applied to auditing. He is really too idealistic. He believes tht it is more efficient. Like with vouching for the creations and cancellation section. It doesnt really take long to do it if you only have to do it for one fund. The 5 of us have to do it for our respective funds.

He told me and the other girl to pass my work to one of the other 3 guys since they were doing theirs. I didnt feel good about pushing my work to others. Especially since all 3 of the guys are more experienced than me. And if they do my work, they will have less time for the rest of their work. So the considerate me did the work on my own.

When senior saw me n the girl doing the work, he went ballistic! He was like "Didn't i tell you to pass it to the guys? If u really thinks its more efficient for 5 people to do the same thing, then just go ahead" blah blah blah in a harsh pissed off tone.

Me being me, instead of passing MY work to the guys, i asked the three guys to pass THEIR work to ME. So i ended up with damn a lot of the vouching to do. I did quite a fair bit lor no choice

That was last Tuesday.

For the whole of last week they said i can leave the rest of the stuff i havent completed to later. I carried on with the other more important parts of my work.

Until today. Suddenly, the other associate, who holds the same position as me but has 10months of experience, who has always been damn nice with coaching me, so i always ask him, i belanja him makan today as a thank u.

Anyway, suddenly this colleague was damn pissed at me today. Damn stern asking me to HURRY up finish his part and he told me that if the senior was in today, i'd surely get scolded. He said he really needed the work done and he was leaving the client's place to go back to the office to meet with the senior. And he said that if the senior asks him why isn't the work done, he will definitely put the blame on me!

I was quite shocked lor. But well, i guess he must be pretty stressed. He looked stressed during lunch, i asked him what time he normally sleeps on when auditing this fund and he said 2am, and he wakes up at 6am. Sad right? I can understand lor.

Plus i definitely dun wanna be on the senior's bad side so i literally ran to back and forth to the filing room despite my heels at 5.40pm and got the work done by 6.10pm.

Haih, everyone left right and center stressed.

Lesson learnt, u have to make a choice. Either u pass on the work - senior is good at that i freaking have to do some work that is meant for seniors on this job. Learnt a lot but damn bloody blur lor, what the senior can do in 30mins i took 3 hours.

Work 10hours(11 if u include lunch hour) at the client's place, come home have to work somemore. All with NO OVER TIME PAY OKAY? My RM110 a day for unlimited hours, u tell me shit or not?

So back to the lesson learnt. In this doggy dog world. Either u make others suffer by passing on work, or u suffer doing the work on your own.

Shit right? Cuz although i dun wanna suffer, i dun want that for anyone else either.

Oh, but for me, tomorrow the sun will shine! HEHE, those close to me will know! Cough cough, see ya later, i needa finish some work


supplementals said...

Bravo! Haha, ur considerate-ness (if theres such a word) will definately pay off. I think you showed ur associates/collegues/guys (:p) what ur made of

Sue Lin said...

U think so? =)
I really hope that the saying nice people finish last isnt true

supplementals said...

that saying is totally screwed la. its supposed to be - Nice people finish. Others dont make it.

Sue Lin said...

Hahahah, god, ur great! Thanks! =)