Friday, August 01, 2008


If i cant balance the damn accounts, i am so in shit.

Takes up so much time to figure out why doesnt it balance.

And that causes me my work life balance. Its like, work work work and no life!

God, i wish i can finish that damn unit trust! But irritating things just keep popping out that prevents me from being done with it!


Joey said...

Harlow, my little fren, Ikhwan, told me you met him at work :) KL is toooo small

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, yeah! Just so happen that nows the time that UK degree students are doing internships and i asked him what uni he's from. Ur uni and i was like i have a friend who's there, just graduated, did psych and he was like, is it Joey? HAHAHA

Sue Lin said...

Paid off, i balanced the thing correctly~! Whoa! Woot! Happy.

If only, everything is just as good. Oh well