Friday, July 25, 2008

What the FCUK

At work i am under the trading industry, i normally do audit for Sdn Bhd or Private Limited companies who are small in Msia but are global, with foreign holding companies.

In my industry, they use Auditing Associate 2 (AA2) for the vouching work - which is really basic auditing work. And whenever i finish an audit with a few days to spare, the manager would put me on another client to help with vouching.

In financial services, where i was booked for 2 weeks including this week, that is so not the case. No easy-peasy mindless work for AA2. After immense pressure to finish a 2 week audit in 7 working days, i was pulled out of that financial institution and put into a bank.

I THOUGHT i was gonna just help with vouching but NOOOOOO, i got a shock of my life when colleague KF told me that i have 2 days to finish auditing a WHOLE NEW UNIT TRUST FUND.

Gawd, i thought he was kidding me!

Plus this new fund has NAV of twice my first fund. Thats like twice the profit of the previous fund i audited! More numerous transactions. God. I am rushing like hell and thank god we have a vacation trainee(VT)(intern) to help with the vouching!

I am so tired and after this post i gotta continue with work =( Kill me kill me just take a knife and stab me in the back, put me out of this misery.

Actually life ain't THAT bad. For one, i don't feel like quitting.

And this client is in the same building as my darling E. So we carpooled today. Smiles! I got to see him in the morning, during lunch and after work.

If not for the fact that i am working in the same building as him, i wouldnt be able to see him the whole week. I had lunch with him, 2 of his seniors and 2 of his department's vacation trainees =)

But it was kinda weird maintaining professionalism in the precinct. Normally, i'd hold his arm when we are dating, even if my parents or his are around. But as we crossed the road today, i had to refrain myself from holding onto his arm...

Another thingie that's going well for me is my passport renewal. Malaysia has become SO GOD DAMNED AMAZINGLY EFFICIENT~~! I really am awed!

Since work for today was near the immigration center, i decided to renew my passport before work. Arrived there at 7.35am... found the place at 7.40. And by 7.55 i was off to the mamak for breakfast!

Can u believe it? Took me 15mins to renew my passport using the machine.

I paid RM300 for the renewal the same way i pay RM3 for parking at the gym. WTH, inserting RM50 notes and RM100 notes when i normally insert RM1s or RM10s into machines. Even the old passport, photograph and a photocopy of my ID also can insert into machine!

What else can insert? HAHAHAHA

By lunch time can collect d. And bloody hell why Malaysia can be so efficient wan? It only took me

5 minutes to collect my brand new passport

I am really impressed! Beyond words!


supplementals said...

Somehow this post sounds like your getting the hang of it. Works just work eh. Still... sue the bloody bastards...

Sue Lin said...

Cannot la no Daddy's support. I told him all of the above and he just kept quiet. THATS the reaction of Asian parents!

Jazzy*Pam said...

When did they became so efficient??
Haha. I'm impressed!

She's Jess said...

i like the way you blogged abt the efficiency of malaysians :p

Sue Lin said...

I have no idea, Pam! Sometime between 2003 and now? But i must warn, its only efficient if u have the passport with the microchip and u must have MyKad

Hahha, thanks Jess