Sunday, July 20, 2008


So lazy help me help me help me. I just wanna read blogs and procrastinate all night and sleep till noon. But i have to do work, i dun wanna do work this weekend, i am so lazy so so so sosososo goddamned lazy. I do not wanna see another excel file. I am sick of copying and pasting and analysing and formularizing and and... I got scolded by my senior this week. The first senior to scold me. First guy senior. Funny, i always expected the girls to be fiercer, stricter, more particular about details. He expects so so much from us. He's nice as a friend but scary as a senior. Was touched to hear him say "i dont want u guys to work so much with out getting paid overtime" and then he wud chase us off, tells us to go home at like 8pm (8pm is early for your infomation). He packed all his things and waited for the other associate to pack up and leave, when ur senior is waiting for u to leave u have no choice but to leave. But go home also no point what, come home still need to turn on the work laptop and continue working!

The only difference is that i am working while wearing pajamas...

On another note, Sat evening was good - met up with SL, YY, LW, PY, YF, SC and SR for an hour of shopping at Nichii in The Curve (i bought a dress, yay!) and then spent about 3 hours in Sushi King, drinking loads of green tea. I really didnt want to leave. Leaving would mean going home to my IBM work laptop