Sunday, February 03, 2008


I almost drank tap water...

Everyone's smaller. Size S no longer fits me. E wanted to wear size M shirts and i had to remind him that we are no longer in Aust. He's now L to XL again.

My puppy girl remembers me, she's so cute and excited to see me! Wagging her tail and jumping about.

I forgot to bring packet tissue cuz i was spoiled by Aussie toilets... even the beach toilets have tissue! Its not that dirty in Malaysian toilets but its all wet which makes it look unhygienic.

When my father came back from work, he smiled as i greeted him. We hugged and he asked me how was my day.

Then he gave me a wad of RM50 notes! Told me its for spending! =)

I wasn't expecting that, surprised and so touched!!

The next question he asked was "When are u going to start work?"

OH SHIT. Hearing it from E's dad was nothing. But hearing it from my OWN father means its time to start applying.



Marcus said...

First of all, welcome home.

Secondly, you are richer then before now.

Lastly, you have been loved by so many people. Hope to see you and Elwyn and I'm sure there is lots to talk about. Take care and see all of you soon.

+ : A d a M : + said...

Arrvial? whats an Arrvial? took me some time to figure out what u meant. hahahaha

ehhh so someone is RICH now!! when u gonna me lunch? huh? huh? =DDD

Jazzy*Pam said...



We should really meet up and hang out, one of these days! ;)

Oh and have a great CNY with your family! It's great to be back for the celebration, isn't it? :)

supplementals said...

Hellooo.. droping a comment from singapore! stupid coin operated pc here $1 for only 15 mins.. back msia its 2 ringgit for 1 hour. blardy hell. Had to check some stuff anyway so thought of saying hi here haha.

Sue Lin said...

Marcus thanks! I'll see u in one of those gatherings k!?

Oh Shit man, u always have to see and point out my mistakes Adam!! And i'll be richer after i see u... u owe me $57.75 x 3! Hehehehehhehe. For ur Telstra bill. Then i belanja u lunch =)

Hey Pam, thanks! I'll definitely call or sms ya after i've settled down, i'm still using the same Malaysian phone number.

Supplementals, hey back! =P My msn still had the Evil disguises itself as nasi lemak WITH AYAM when i logged in today on my cousin's comp!