Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 April 02 Link

What i've bought-

1. Two pairs of La Senza bra, hey, i have to wear beige colours under white shirts for work... =P So its work clothes HAHAHA RM189

2. Two pairs of pants that i regret buying from Jaya Jusco. Regret buying them! Bought them cuz they were cheap. They just need to be altered tho... RM80 in total

3. Four tops and one skirt from road side shops, received a nice shirt compliment from MY... RM130

4. A vest from Message! Nice vests are hard to come by RM60 and i think that is freaking expensive for something with so little cloth but whatthef**k la good vests are not easy to find and in Aust it wud have cost more and.. and.. A fren's Ms Selfridge vest was RM100... gonna wear it to work tomolo n wait to be complimented! HAHAHAH.

5. Erm, a pair of pants from Padini. 50% off. RM60 after discount.

6. A WHITE formal jacket from SUB. 60% off. I paid RM75. I wouldn't have impulsively bought it if it weren't for the discount cuz its WHITE... Instead of buttons, it has a ribbon! =) My only other formal jacket (black) has hooks instead of buttons... HAHAHAHA, what the hell am i trying to do? I am trying to bend the rules as far as it can go and make it damn known that accountants are NOT boring

7. Brown shoes... bought it more of need and comfort rather than style... about RM30

8. Blue shoes! Love love love these pair. No one complimented me on them and i was a bit too tall cuz the heels were a bit too high but its damn comfortable and i love it. It was almost crossing the boarder of being too striking! HAHAH RM59.

9. Black and white shoes. Hesitated but gave into temptation cuz it was only RM30

10. Two standard long sleeve collar shirts for days when i want to play it safe... one of them i wore in that scarf picture... RM24 each. G2000, 70% off, Chinese New Year sale.

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