Friday, February 15, 2008


Ex-housemate CT once told me that the perfect guy for her would give her exotic flowers. I say exotic cuz i cant remember what flowers was it she desired =P Then she asked me what's my favourite flower.

Shrugged, i didn't have an answer. Pink or red roses are more than enough, i told her, i'm a simple girl, no fuss no worries ; )


E and i went to Sunway University College for lunch/to get his academic transcript/meet up with Miss IS. Yes. CAFETERIA FOOD for lunch

We sat in front of the student centre like we used to for over 2 years. Ate the food we were once sick of. The familiarity of it all was comforting

Then dinner in Taman Cheras's pasar malam. I was kinda sad at first cuz most shops were closed due to the Hokkien festival but i found bliss in the a road side stall and a plate of satay and ketupat!

Only RM5.50 which E paid, thanks dear! =) I couldn't help but divide the amount by 3. Only AUD$2!!!!! Dirt cheap. =)) He didn't fancy satay so we later went to the mamak.

Another road side table. We talked about the future among other things over his paper tosei <-- thats EXACT same thing he ate after the movie on our VERY first date. Our FOURTH Valentines Day together.


If u want cheap roses (RM5-RM8 a stalk) on vday, hit the universities. Especially Sunway Uni's cafeteria. Students sell them to raise funds for charity or something. I bought one for the bestfriend and one for E's mom.


E went to the car first as i bought the rose for his mom. I walked through the uni to check out the changes on campus. The tables in the foyer are painted an AWFUL yellow now.

I heard someone call out to me... i turned around and saw this black guy dressed in white. Not someone i knew.

In Australia, we were told to ALWAYS layan (entertain) stranger's hollerings and whatever crap. Thats what i always forced myself do despite any discomfort i feel when in Australia. Having just came back,
out of habit, i automatically politely layan him like i always do in Australia.

He complimented the way i dressed (t-shirt mini skirt flip flops) and made some vday related small talk.

Then he said something like "What if i wanna see u again?"

I was like "Erm... no". He was persistent and asked why etc. Finally took my no for an answer by saying "see ya around".

I said "Yeah, see ya". No point in saying i've already graduated. Muahahaha =P

Never have i experienced a situation like that. Flattered though =)


Bestfriend was really happy with the rose. Both she and E's mom were concerned over the price of the roses. Then i fetched my sister home from her tuition. The tuition i used to go to. Went in to say hie to my teachers at Minda Ceria. My teacher's bday falls on Vday. It made me happy to see them smile.

Overall a very good day. A very simple day

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