Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gold Coast!

15 January 2008 - 18 January 2008

Booked a trip with Student Flights and flew with Jetstar.

Little bit better than AirAsia.

Got there and checked in before noon. Buses in Gold Coast are always late and bus drivers are strict about bringing food onto the bus, unlike Melbourne's buses.

First theme park of the trip was Seaworld

Looked at fishies

And then a seal show.

A dolphin show...

Love this little giant polar bear the most!

Looks just like a cuddly dog!

It was doing some swimming laps

He just went on ignoring us!

MovieWorld for day 2

Next Pic is of E pretending to be Superman =P

He's so not right!? Hahahah

Me in front of the Superman rollercoaster ride...

We sat that twice. I'm up for all roller coasters ;)

And the two of us on the streets of movie world

Watched the Police Academy stunt show twice. Really damn good and all stunts were done live! With a helicopter, explosions that made a large mushroom cloud of smoke and some drifting.

Lethal Weapon ride was alright, and the ScoobyDoo ride was great but the queue's too long for us to go for it again. I guess the queue is long cuz the ride's cool.

E peed in his pants in one of the rides!


Hahahha. No lar, it was the Flume ride... with the giant splash of water right at the right place! WAHHAHA.

Sporting right he to let me take that pic! =P Even posed for it

That night we walked down to Surfer's Paradise

Another pic of the poser E...

The same street in daylight...

With the Surfer's Paradise sign again...

Oh my god so many good pictures of E and mine all turn out bad. I am just not photogenic.

Finally... there's an ok pic of me!

The waves are really rough and the lifeguards are really strict about where u can or cannot swim. Even though the water is ankle deep, u can feel the current.

And more of my scenery pictures...

Notice the lady in green on the lower left part of this pic, topless sunbathing her back... quite a few of them doing that there.

E and i =)

And that...
was given to me at the airport when i ordered my food. It beeps and the lights flashes when my food's ready!


Joey said...

Ooohhh! I remember when I was there! Well, vaguely...kekeke

Sounds like you guys had loads of fun. That pic of Elwyn "pissing his pants" is sooo funny. Haha...

Sue Lin said...

Ooooh! U've been there! How long ago was that Joey?

Hahhaha, yeah the pissing in his pants pic!

Marcus said...

Elwyn peed peed in his pants..hahaha.

*run away*

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, yeah, funny right

See ya