Sunday, February 10, 2008

Near Accident on North South Highway

Damn scary, i had to break quite a fair bit on the north south highway when i saw this car swerve from the right lane to the middle lane. The car in the middle lane jam breaked. I saw smoke from the first car...

I realize they've come to a complete stop and had to break harder! My father told me go to the left lane, a quick look to the left mirror showed that there was no cars. Changing lanes saved me from driving into the back of the second car.

We were almost beside the first car and i saw that it had a totally FLAT front left tire. I then realized i was on 5th gear but almost stationary, i stared at the gear, i don't know why. My mom told me to faster drive off to avoid being rammed into from the back. I quickly changed to second gear, i noticed there were more cars around us from the rear view mirrors. I stepped on the accelerator and we reached home safely that night. Phewwwwwww, we were so lucky to not be hit!

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