Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paint Ball

Bestfriend said we MUST do something during mid-semester breaks. She suggested the Melbourne zoo at first but i wasnt interested. So she changed the plans to paint ball!

Two of us in our paint ball overalls. Looking fat and huge! Hahah. They gave girls a vest to wear inside, while guys don't get it

DL joins us for this pic! All ready for battle!

Started off playing a game called JFK. One team is to be the assassins and one team is to be JFK's bodyguards. This was the first field we played at:

Its fun shooting but no fun being shot at! Hahah. Damn paintful.

I love the next field, though i don't remember the name of the game we played

They actually had old cars as props! Great to hide behind them! Really get the.... action movie feel! Hahah

Also love the third field:

With a wild wild west theme! So cool hiding behind those buildings that are parallel to one another and shooting from the side.

That was where i got shot in the hand. I bled!

No picture of that, but take a look at WS's battle scar! Right on her neck!

She said that before that she got shot somewhere else. And since we had unlimited lives in that game, she was mad and about to reenter the game with the intentions of being trigger happy. Not a few steps out of the base and she got shot in the neck! Hahah

The last field is scary!

So exposed! Not much to hide behind

Our group looking really awful and tired (except RC)!
Sorry la, we've just been shot at!
, me, WS, DL, in front: RC and B


Debz said...

Oh my gawd! We all look sooo tired! But look at RAY! He still looks sooo fresh! Hahaha! Sue has been getting funny feedback about that hit! Hahaha! One of them was Hicky Sue!

Sue Lin said...

HAhaha, yeah, Debz Ray's the only one who looks fine! Yeah, she told me about the stares she got and stuff for the bruise!

Sue Lin said...

A Moment of Silence

Was looking through the referring sites and it so happened that someone searched for "idioms "an idle mind is the"" in Google and ended up in this post of mine.

I read through my old post. Which reminded me about the death of those friendships. Weird that i read that today, on the 2 year anniversary of The Confrontation. Its like fate or something.

Anywayz, this comment is just a moment of silence for the death of those friendships...

Joey said...

Paintball sounds too painful for me. Shall stick to Laserquest :P

Sounds like you had fun though. I wanna see your battle scars :)

Sue Lin said...

Joey, hey! I heard laserquest is banned or something???

Yup, it was great fun. But EXTREMELY tiring, painful and expensive. Not gonna play it often! Haha. And by the time i see u all my battle scars would be gone already! =P

supplementals said...

*stares at the neck shot*. OUCH!

Sue Lin said...

Oh yeah! Scary isn't it!? Thank goodness i didn't get one of those!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Sounds and looks like fun!
Scary but fun. Hahaha.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Pam, thats exactly what it is! Scary but fun! HAhaha