Thursday, October 18, 2007

Get Used to iT

Like everyone else, i blog more during exam period (to procrastinate). Get used to my picturesque posts, people!

I mean picture-less nonsense post. =)

Yeah, so. Everyone sees everyone at night here. House visits. To pass notes and university material, talk about tips and study groups etc.

I feel ugly la, i always wear giant t-shirt and baggy stripy pants. And they all SEE me like this!

My housemates wear shorts, sexy legs and all. Baby-tees or spaghetti straps. I feel so Fugly.

With a capital F, yeah?

I'm gonna freeze my ass off tomolo to fit in.

No, wait. I won't be in! Thursday night = Poker night! =))))))


supplementals said...

haha, u dont need shots and stuff. Unline other ppl, you're comfortable wearing whatever you want. rock*

Sue Lin said...

ShoRts or shots? What does 'unline' mean??

Nevertheless, ur comment put a smile on my face! Thanks man! Rock*