Friday, October 19, 2007

Personal Record

Yayyyyyy, i jogged for 7 minutes straight! At 6.2km per hour! Hahah.

My stamina sucked previously, or still sucks depending on what u think. In August, i could only hit 2minutes straight.

Big improvement today!

I never bothered training till. Due to added stress, long story, shall not get into it, i decided to push myself. Tried to reach 3 minutes, and i wasn't out of breath, hmm, ok then, try 3 mins n thirty seconds.

All the way till i hit 7 minutes! =)


Joey said...

That's really good!! No, I'm serious. I'm much, much, much worse than you. I think I'll only last...seconds. Sad, I know

I think I'll need to start exercising, too. I'm so unfit, it's embarassing walking up stairs and getting out of breath. Omg.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Joey, thanks! Even though i can jog 7 minutes, the stairs still make me go out of breath too!! I dunno why!

U shud exercise, its always good n healthy =)

Jacqueline said...

the last time i jog was... N years ago... LOL!!


She's Jess said...

Ey... I wish I could jog that much. I need to talk to you.. about hitting the gym :D I hope it's not too late for me:p

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, Jac, thats funny! =) U dun really need da exercise so ur fine laaaa. Willl check out the tag but might not be able to do it anytime soon. Exams =(

Jess, its never too late to start exercising laaa. Sure, we can chat, u never need to ask first ya know? =) Just msg me online whenever u see me there, i shud b on most days =)