Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gossip Girl

Its THE only book i actually read before the tv series came out. Love the book. The first few episodes of the series were one big "spot the difference" game to me.

Serena's not pretty enough, Blair isn't bitchy enough, Dan is too hot, Jenny's boobs aren't big enough.

Hehehe. Then i got used to the fact that book and series are two totally different entities and its just like watching a new addictive series lah.

If u care to know, the whole using initials instead of names in my blog was inspired by Gossip Girl.

I love indulging in gossip. =P I know i lost friendships partly b'cuz of gossip and what i learnt from it is that u can't stop people from gossiping, and in turn, u can't stop me! HAHAHA.

I believe that people gossip about u only if u give them a reason to. Its your actions that cause envy and anger, fuel for gossip. In fact, anything such as disbelief, a funny story or just plain concern makes people talk about other people. So what is gossip and what is not?

Who cares. I realized in Desperate Housewives, the ladies regularly play poker. What i remember is Gabby holding her cards, Susan holding a couple of cards. Edie inviting herself to their games, Lynette asking the others to accompany her to chemo during their poker games. Yet in its entire 3 seasons, i don't recall ever seeing a flop in the show!

The poker games in Desperate Housewives is where they get together and GOSSIP! Hahahah. Which worked for me in the past. I found last year's James Bond movie a little boring cuz of the poker and lookie at me this year, i am watching downloaded World Series of Poker! HAHAHAH.

When i go back to Msia, i'd regularly check ESPN for POKER. Hehehhe. Me, ESPN?! HAHAHAHA. I also feel like having an open house near Chinese New Year and i ACTUALLY wanna COOK for my friends and my mom's friends. Me, COOK? HAHAHHAAH

If i could read this post this time last year, i wouldn't believe this is my blog! Its that BAD, i am THAT different.

Its amazing what 8 months Down Under can DO to me!

Gotta go studie! Will invite ya, if i actually DO go through with the open house thingie next year ; )


Joey said...

Change can be a wonderful thing :D
Can't wait to see you when I get back. I wanna see how you've changed. Not physically, I mean, you know. I've changed, too...for the better, I hope.

I think I've becomed quite mad. Haha

Joey said...

Wtf..."becomed"? I assure you my English has improved rather than deteriorated...although the above comment might prove otherwise :P

Sue Lin said...

Hey Joey, i'm not sure if it is wonderful, but hey, at least i'm balanced, i picked up one masculine hobby and one feminine one! HAHAHAHA.

Hmm... all this study abroad actually makes us grow eh? =) Hopefully i've grown to be a better person =)

And dun worry about "becomed". I've used it in my SPM essay and got a red circle for it but i still like that word! I think i've used it on my blog before. So its more than welcomed here! HAHAHAHA, let's go mad together when we meet again! =)

sakurablossom said...

Hhehehe... I change a lot i mean like pretty much majority of my personality... Well, I guess i have been overseas for more than 4 years you would expect that. Loll... If i don't change after that many years, definitely there is something wrong with my life :P. I think you change in a better way. More independent and beautiful :). Keep up the good work and good lukc in your finals :)

MaS said...

Most definately changed a whole lot! It was the most unexpected change ever and also the most upsetting expectation of a person! Wahahaha, but my predictions for another quite hit the spot.


Sue Lin said...

Sakurablossom, i guess we were forced to change whether we like it or not! =P

And hey, thats such a sweet comment, "more independent and beautiful"? =) Thanks, and thanks for wishin' me luck! =)

Mas, u talking abt me or u there??? =P If its me i am insulted! HAHAHAH, if its u, in what way????? What "predictions for another quite hit the spot"?????? HUH?

MaS said...

You are always insulted when i raise this issue dun you. But i am talking about you. Hahaha, but it was meant to be a compliment! but of course u love to turn things around...

For further details regarding other information, talk to me about it.

Patchay said...

halo Big Sister... lol

when ya going back to Msia? I want to visit Melb. Yes I want to visit all of u in Melb this summer. Yes Patchay wants to see Monash Melb. haha

Patchay Going To Melb - Coming Soon. Let's catch'up. Hope we can meet up. hahaha Bang!

btw ada Facebook?

Sue Lin said...

Talked to Mas in person =P

Patchay, balik awal Februari. Msg me on msn anytime ok? Eh, u have my Aust number right? Just sms if u need to =)

Come to Melb! Anytime before 13Dec or after... tentatively 23rd Dec. Thats when my family would be here and then i wud b headed to Sydney. I wanna go ur place too, see how la.

Ada facebook but tak guna, after exams la =p

Jazzy*Pam said...

I wanna watch Gossip Girl!

You seem to be changing for the better and that's great!

p/s: Havent been talking to ya but I hope you're doing awesome! ;)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Pam! Gossip girl's not that great. Its just plain addictive. =P Californication is soooo soooo much better

U think i've changed for the better?? Hmmmm... i really don't know! Ahaha

I'm doing fine, hope u are too! I'll definitely msg u on msn one of these days or maybe after my last paper this friday