Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Lectures

Lucky to be blessed with classes that start after 11am this semester. Yet i am always late for class, even though my house is 10minutes away from uni.

The night before the second last lecture, i was bragging to AN, "I NEVER missed a lecture this semester, but i am always late (and sometimes i leave early). Never more than 10-15 mins late," i proudly declared.

Next day, woke up to SC's sms... checked my phone, whattheshit, 11.53!!! Class started at 11! SC woke up late too. Read the other sms i received. Whoa shit, S asking me if i was going to class at 11.21. Rushed the hell out, left my retainers in the bathroom shelf! Hahahah

I vowed to be on time for my LAST lecture the next day. U know, once in my life, be on time? Hahha.

Now i'll never be able to redeem myself!

Housemate CT left for HER lecture at 12.08, and her lecture started at 12, the same time my last lecture started.

How do i know?
Hehehhe, thats when i woke up! When she slammed our house door shut on her way out (tht thing is pretty loud), i got up and looked at my phone. Late again!

Lucky for me, In both lecturers didn't discuss anything important before i got there! Hahaha, the party never starts till i get there? =P


soo imm said...

haha we're the same! *high 5*
my work starts at 8.30 but i only reach around 9 heheh *sshh*

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAHAH, *high 5*, Soo Imm! But... work also u dare to do that?! U are crazy girl! =)

sammy said...

lol ya la i woke up late -.-

Sue Lin said...

HHEHEEHH, u know its u eh, Sam? =) Ur sms woke ME up. Otherwise i DIE