Friday, October 05, 2007

2nd Place in Pub Poker !!!

Not one to be aggressive by nature, i made stupid moves and won a pair of sunglasses instead of the first prize trophy!!!!!!

And cuz AN has been pestering the owner, Tony to put up the Kittens' cap as a prize, Tony was nice enough to give AN the cap cuz i came in second! Kittens' is a strip club, by the way.

With ze cap and ze sunglasses.

Sorry if u are getting bored my poker shit! (My blog has been full of poker, even my Adsense is all about poker- first two adds on my Adsense are APL and NPL, the places i play at! Hahah!) But... but, this is my very next game after the other time i made final table ok? So forgive me for being happy!! Finalist twice in a row, yeah!

No details this time, wasn't very memorable. But i knocked AN 's 10 K out of the table with my 10 A, thats what i remembered! HHAHAHHAAH.

Next post up! Paint ball!


supplementals said...

ooo, cool shades 8)

sue lin said...

Oooh! U think so?! =) =)

Thanks!!! =) And thanks for checking my blog purposely for this post! =)

She's Jess said...

new header!

Sue Lin said...

Yup! =) What do u think??

Marcus said...

cOOL glasses.

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAH, thanks Marcus!!! =)

Zhen said...

I like playing poker but I hate losing at gambling, so I like reading your poker stories. Keep them coming!

Sue Lin said...

Heyyyy Zhen Yao, i almost mistaken u for Zhen Han who coached me in poker! Hahah

Thanks for that comment! Really made my day! =) =)

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