Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mid-revisions Daydreams

Can't wait for summer, can't wait to hit the beach whenever i want, swim and camwhore with the boyfriend there! Can't wait for the D, SC, SR, YY to get to Aust, can't wait to start planning road trips etc with them!

Oooh, gotta try getting the waterproof casing for my camera!!! =P Or do u think putting my camera in Gladwrap would work? Hahahah

Can't wait for those damn exams to end! Hopefully my last exams of my Bachelor's degree. Not a good time to start failing! Whole family booked their flight to Australia for my graduation (my father initially didn't wanna come for my convo).

Aunties n Uncles in Australia ALL know about my upcoming graduation in December as well...


Yet here i am, blogging. Digging my own grave.

Friends are not helping! They are offering my marble for my tombstone! U know, they distract me and give me stuff that i cannot say no to? Like AN's been giving me backdated poker magazines and 2003 World Series of Poker videos to watch...

Speaking of poker, just found out that NPL is offering a seat in the Aussie Millions tournament for the weekly winner. How nice wonderful if... yeah, Right.

Snap out of your daydream and get back to studying, girl!

Makan dulu ye? =P

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Sue Lin said...

Asked tutor for consultation times, she told me the times and then said i wouldn't need it! What a nice compliment, but at the same time sooo sooo much pressure!! Yelp... help!