Friday, August 04, 2006

New Experience

Study partner, L 'ajak'ed me to double date: steamboat dinner in Manjalara. She asked almost 4 weeks ago! Hahhaha, a week before the semester started and even before i started work!

We only recently got down to it and it was good! After eating, L and i were playing with the leftover food and the 'sisa-sisa makanan' such as egg shells. The boyfriends were rolling their eggs at us! Hahahaha

Before the dinner, E and i had about 6 hours to kill after classes. L asked us to tag along for this Talent Fashion Outbreak thing by Kolej Bandar Utama (KBU)'s Modeling Club. So we went. What we were expecting was totally different from what was.

In short they were hard selling their event to us: coaxing us to participate in three sub-events, to commit. And the thing is we would only had a week to prepare! Yikes no!

But since we went all the way there, the coordinator/advisor, Ron said that they'd just show us what they are about aka join their club for a day. It was more like a dance club, sort of like the movie Take the Lead.

What really fascinated me was one dance, there is no specific name for it... i'll just call it the flower dance. The dancer rests a flower on each of his/her palm, facing upwards, fingers outstretched. So the flower just sits on the hand instead of holding it.

Its really slow dance... the music is those... er... spiritual chanting kind of dunno what song! Hahaha. And the dance is... ahh, i can't describe! The dance is of slow flowing movements, focusing on wrist movements... its very free.

L passed me a flower and asked me to try. Its wonderful! A bit the self conscious at first, but after being taught the basics and after being told to just combine anything, it became just the music n the flowers! Just kinda move with it, i know i'm not great but it feels wonderful!

Also watched the very talented assistant coordinator/advisor, Christina talk about the art of geisha! She could really do and explain all things geisha: the tea ceremony, the way geisha enter the room, the Kabuki...!

Re: Vegetarian

I imposed this rule upon myself: if i missed one day, i'd have to replace two days. So Saturday was half day vegetarian, so i had to replace a day. And Sunday i wasnt vegetarian, so i'll have to replace 2 days.

So my vegetarian sentence was dragged on till Wednesday. And on Wednesday i didnt wanna go vegetarian cuz of the steamboat dinner. So thats means i'll have to be vegetarian onThursday and Friday.

So basically my one week of vegetarian became two weeks. If i'm not careful, i'll become vegetarian for life, forever in debt. Hopefully today'll be my last day. I can do it!


Since my contract ended and wasn't extended by the Green n Black company... i've had two offers. I rejected the promoter one by J n J though it pays RM16 an hour due to the time: 5-10pm and the undetermined locations. The other one, Eperiperi rejected L and i!! Sheeeesh! This one pays even better: basic pay of RM12-16 an hour plus commission! Wasted

I hope 2 people back out and they'd call us tomorrow.

Received an unrelated, surprising call from a private number today, asking me to go for a briefing on Saturday. The girl didn't tell me what it was about so i can't assume much. She did tell me what event it was for and i'm excited! We'll just have to go and see.

Re: Touch Up



After hearing D went for like 5 classes at the gym she's on trial in, i wanted to do that too.

Not possible. In the beginning of my second class today, somewhere in the left side of my stomach hurt.

So decided to just do take it easy n just treadmill, cycle, the other thing and do some leg muscle workout thing... since i hate my fat bumpy cellulite-filled thunder thighs. The muscles in my butt actually hurts after the exercise.


But i also slept like a baby for god knows how long after that... Bad. Yawns.


jocelyn said...

haha does your body ache now after exercising too?? :)

sue lin said...

YES!!!! VERY VERY BAD... hopefully it'd go away soon

Debz said...

Sue!!! Hahah i only went for four la dear!! Capoeira, body combat,body pump and basic mat pilates! Thats y my body hurt only a little...But after my 2nd day! My butt was aching sooooo badly that i couldnt sit down properly on the cycling bike and even after 2 days,it still hurts! So never EVER go and try doing EVER unless u're ready to endure the pain!!!But it was all good!!! Burnt damn alot of calories was one!!! Right on ya' mate!

sue lin said...

ONLY ONLY ONLY FOUR?????????!!!!!!


I don ONE class n machines alone enough to make me ache for two days d, wont be like u, cant! =P

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