Sunday, August 13, 2006

I will horn less today and henceforth

Promise! I'm the kind who horns a lot. Kancils have two horns, one on the right n one on the left of the steering wheel. The right one is dying... that is how much i horn! (Can't beat D, who totally spoiled hers by the way =P)

Was really scary today. Was low on petrol. Driving along the Bukit Jalil highway, the one that goes past Puchong, parellel to Kesas, towards Cheras. Brother in pessenger seat, lil sis in backseat.

Driving on the right lane at about 60kmh cuz i wanted to conserve the little petrol i had left in the tank. Kinda slow, but the people on the left were slower what!

A glance at the rearview mirror revealed a stupid Honda tailgating me. No idea how fast he crept up behind me since i didnt notice him. He started to overtake on the left. So i slowed down a bit to give him way to cut in front of me n speed off.

Instead, for no damned reason, the idiot went in front of me and deliberately slowed down A LOT.

I horned. My mistake
, but if u were me, wouldn't u be angry? The fella was tailgating u, now that he is in front of u, he slows down?!

Fine, i switched to the left lane. Accidentally left my turning left signal a bit too long.

When i turned it off, the idiot changed lanes too! Looks as if he wanted to stop, i went to the right, no way am i stopping. Drove past and saw the idiot's face, he had his window winded down. The face of a typical troublemaker.

Don't exactly remember what happened but i knew i was playing with fire. Had to play it safe. Drove behind the idiot on the left lane.

He was going infuriatingly slow in front of me. At about 30kmh to less than 40kmh. I had to alternate between 3rd and 4th gear, whichever needed to keep at a safe distance.

It was unbearably slow, cars queued up behind me. Brother said that if he were driving in the Perdana he'd overtake the idiot. Cars overtook us and the idiot. My brother asked me to overtake. I knew overtaking would be a mistake.

Crawled patiently, i had to turn left soon anyway, after the Astro building. A little trick formed in my head. I prayed the idiot wasn't going left. I didn't put on the left turning signal on purpose, i didn't want him turning left...

Stayed alert. After the idiot past the divider, i made a sharp turning to the left.

Thank God the car behind didn't ram into us! Thank God, the idiot made me and the car behind drive that slow. I put my hand up in a word of thanks/sorry to the car behind.

Glanced to the right. HAHAHAHAHA, the damned idiot cannot get me! Not like the stupid can reverse on the highway and then turn left to chase me, he'd get creamed by other cars, which, would be good, but i don't think he's stupid enough to do so.

Couldn't resist lar, horned! Hahaha, then quickly shifted to the 3rd gear, stepped on the accelerator, widening the distance between us and stupid. Changed to the fourth gear and went onto a crowded highway.

Safe. Went to fill up my empty tank at Petronas. My hands were still shaking... none of us spoke in the car for the rest of the way home.

I'll listen to E from now on, he warned me many times to look at the person behind the wheel before horning. Be careful everyone!


supplementals said...

!!! YOU ROCK* !!!

Jacqueline said...

I usually flash them instead... If they really make me bengang then only i horn them..

Btw, I hate this Kancil's horn... weird la.. Should make it in the middle! Everytime cannot find the horn 1.

typlotion said...

if i were you,long time ago i've already giving him a middle finger and compliments his mother liao

sue lin said...

Supplementals, haha, but being there, it was scary!!!! Time went by REALLY slowly leh

Jac, why didn't i think of that??? It was in the afternoon, can flash! Hahahaha, now that cannot horn so much, i will flash! Heheh, thanks!

I'm very used to Kancil's horn =P

Typlotion, didn't think of the middle finger! Hahaha, but cannot lar, my brother is not as big as u. And little 8 year old sister in the car too, cannot compliment so much

sakurablossom said...

Hhahahha... That is sweet :). I salute you. Very reality. I feel like I was in your shoes. Hehehe

bea said...

aiyo.. u girls ar.. love to honk so much.. i nearly fainted when D told me the horn is not working nemore.. o_O
this car i'm driving now, i never once use it, got lar, once, ter-honked ahhaa...

take care when on the road.. dangerous eh.. dont play play ar.. hehe..

meL.a.Nie said...

horning queen la u!!*press honk n go "pik pik pikkkkkkkkkk..."*
hahahaha..u shud juz drive faster n cut into another lane..dat wud b much safer n faster actually.

sue lin said...

SakuraBlossom, the incident or my writing is sweet? Salute what? Haha, it was really scary lar, luckily i drove slowly behind him, might not be here otherwise!

Bea, wahhh, only ter-honked once???!!!! And how u know i was talking abt ur sis!??!??

U very keng lar! Hahaha

Melanie, driving faster would be more dangerous lar, harder to control n all that. And crazy, expecting my Kancil to outrun the Honda? Cannot... dun even wanna try. I love my sister. And i wanna go to Aust

bea said...

hahhaha.. i sure know... she's another 'honk queen'.. i think drive faster is better too.. haha... who say kancil cant? haaha...

sue lin said...

Hahahah, didn't really know that! =P

Eh... i still think driving slow is better =P scared the fella think i wanna race

Marcus@Home said...

Typical Malaysian drivers! Road bullies! Yea, you did a right choice in keeping slow behind and managing to trick the fellow but always think of safety first before doing anything dangerous that will cause casulties.

sue lin said...

Hey Marcus, yeah! exactly, had to be very very careful! Glad u think so! The others say i should've gone faster