Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Then Why Blog?

Been having headaches a lot lately.

Damn stupid assignments, does everything have to be in the same 2 weeks? Cost accounting on Friday, Auditing on Monday, Law and Accounting issues on the following Monday.

Dead.No clue what Auditing is about. Whole lot of theory. If not for the very kind ex-Accounting Club president who loaned me the books he borrowed from the library, i would have given up hope on the auditing assignment before even starting it. Yeah, HW, if u are reading this, ur bf is a great person!! Thanks! =)

Eh... and then. Cheer club, damn, hahahahaha, after months of doing NOTHING although i am secretary, the work started pouring in. And now i'm drowning.

A report for the dance contest. Another report for the upcoming Street Party thingie... Writing is fine with me but what really really really sucks is that i have to get the full names of all winners for the contest. No one knows anyone's full names in Uni!!! Urg, time for me to harass people.

Not to mention drawing up a duty roaster for cheer club for the Street Party. Everyone wants the early slot. Including me. HELLO, MUSA, next time make it at 4pm-9pm lar. What do u want me to do in uni while waiting for the event ar? Not like i stay in the hostel and can take a shower!

Soooooo irritated.

Oh yeah, er, watched Monster House, free! Hehe. On the way home there was an accident and we busybody a bit. Stopped the car, at a proper parking spot of course, to go watch. Aiyoh, car overturned, mowed the grass and chopped some small trees before hitting a big tree. The driver and passengers were already out of the car... the police was investigating and people taking down the car plate number...

If not for my stupid asssignments, i would have went home, got a camera and watched the whole investigation + clear up. Wasted. Nice upside down wreck ok?

Back to the movie. Not worth your money. Assuming u were to pay for it.

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