Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blog Hopping

Being away on the trip to Penang, i missed many of J's posts, so i did my catching up today. Did i find a pleasant surprise there! =) "Sue Lin blogs about everyday life. Yet, I'm drawn to read until the end. Witty." she says. =) Thanks J.

There was no updates in SI's Blog so I've been reading Blogs of people i don't know too, there was sarongpartygirl, who was once in the papers. And then there's 25 year old fuckstress, who is real funny. Sarongpartygirl didn't sustain my interest, i came online to read blogs and hers was more like an award winning novel. Fuckstress is 'good shit', reccomended. Good issues and above all FUNNY. At first i thought fuckstress was fuckssss-tress, one word, like waitress or actress. But now i guess she meant fuck stress.

Fuckstress wrote about smokers in her most recent post. Good issue she has there, and love the way she describes. Example:

"When you accidentally sit on top of somebody’s hand you say sorry – and then you MOVE your ASS away.

So basically, when you know you’ve done something “wrong”, you say you’re sorry, and then you do whatever you can to MAKE IT RIGHT AGAIN.


When you light up your cigarette among friends who don’t smoke, your say you’re sorry – AND THEN YOU KEEP SMOKING?!?!?!"

And i love this sentence: "INNOCENT PEOPLE (who breathe in second hand smoke) – LIKE ME AND BABIES. AND OLD PEOPLE WITH LUNG PROBLEMS. AND BUNNY RABBITS."

Go read her Blog, she says it all. I only have one thing to say about smoking... Two of my friends have boyfriends who smoke. I was SHOCKED to know that they love the way their guy smells after smoking. Oh my gawd. Isn't that like, encouraging the guy to smoke? Stupid!

Of course i kept quiet though I had a strong urge to slap them when i heard. No, slap is too nice, i wanted to strangle them. Yeah, love is blind, blah blah blah, but does it affect your sense of smell??

Must have.


Fuckstress said...


Thanks for the shout out! Being my narcissistic self I found ppl coming to my page from your site.

You were right when you said Fuckstress was supposed to be like Mistress and Seductress. But most ppl take it as Fuck Stress, since I rant so much. Any hoo... doesn't really matter. :)


MaS said...

wahhh .... a comment from da lady herself .... geng wor .... u very good .... hahahaha .... anywayz ... how did u find her blog anywayz ???? im soo blur .... hahaha

Joey said...

I'm mentioned! *faints*

Wah hey, lookie! Fuckstress herself.

I believe she uses SiteMeter

sue lin said...

Fuckstress - Your welcome, u deserve the shout out anyway. And it's cool that your nickname has double meaning. =) Thanks for stopping by and commenting, i didn't think u'd like what i wrote.

Mas - Hehe, found her Blog from a friend.

Haha, Joey, don't i always mention u?? And i did mention u FIRST.