Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A 'Little Bit' of the Penang Trip

I was going through my smses in my phone, deleting the old ones. Then i came across a message to my close close childhood friend W, it was sent during my trip to Penang.

On the 2nd day of the trip, i bought bananas in the evening for my midnight snack (and for the vitamins). So i chose the ones with a lot of black spots and lines, thinking they were the best...

Wrong move, the bananas were over ripe, C took one and i forced myself to eat 3 of them, they were bad... haha. To me it's just funny, i've NEVER bought bananas before... and i guess C didn't either. I don't think W has too so i sent her the sms wanting to amuse her, since she was stressed out at that time.

Is told me that K was offended by my teasing during the trip. I was surprised. I mean... K, u teased me first. What am i supposed to do? Look down and blush bashfully, like a beet red tomato? No, i'll tease u right back...

Note: I actually wrote a lot about the conflicts that took place. But i removed it. If u do want to know, just send me a Friendster mail or email and i'll share my saved copy with you.

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