Sunday, July 03, 2005

Could Have Been Worse

When asked how the trip to Genting was, i'd say, it's overall good. If u were to ask me about the trip to Penang, I'll say the same thing. It was overall good.

It was fun and enjoyable despite the fact that it was full of conflicts that still hurts me as i write. It was partly my fault, i have to admit, i didn't make good decisions...

That's it i give up. If they don't forgive me, looks like i'll have to do what i always do: forgive myself. Once i do, i'll be fine. As of now, i am forgiving myself.

Ok, so I'll write about the good and harmonious parts of the trip... wait... there never really was good times spent as a whole group. We were all broken up.... the 8 of us were broken into pieces, or should i say couples.

Most of my good times were spent with E alone. We took walks down memory lane, we wrote messages in the sand and we had a very special 10th month anniversary. We also had good times with the other couple A and C, like during breakfast...

Other good times include the water sports... yup, banana boat and jet ski. E sat right at the back of the banana boat and i was right in front, the other 6 in the middle. Why? First come, first serve, me slow. But the front was great, the best experience, the place to get wet and they say the middle wasn't as thrilling. It was like riding a galloping stallion...

I got a little scratch on my right ring finger from the ride and it hurt. E told me to put a plaster on to keep it moist, to prevent it fom scarring. I hate plasters and i almost never wear them. Scars on hands don't look good but in the end i decided to keep the scar. It'll be a little souvenir.

One other good time is winning A LOT in blackjack. Pure luck. There were 6 people playing the game, my E, Q, K, R and another E who shall be referred to as Ed for convenience sake. So, E went to the toilet, R, Ed and K were chatting. Q is the dealer and since the other players were either busy or not around, i was the one who cut the cards. Then Q dealt the cards.

Wow, i got an ace and a picture card= black jack! And since E and i were sort of a team, i looked at his cards. Oh my god, i couldn't believe my eyes, he got a double ace! I didn't know what to do but smile and said "wait". I bloody ran to the bathroom and banged on the door, telling E i don't know what to do.

He went to see and then..... we started celebrating. =) Hehe.

The good times we had on the trip was scarce. Before the trip i was worried about conflicts after watching the beginning of House Of Wax. And looks like conflicts are inevitable... damn it, that sounds like the contemporary view of conflicts in Management 1010. Dumb thing says conflicts are not only inevitable but also necessary. Kinda too late remembering it now, huh?

Oh! There was one good time we spent as a whole group. It was on the 2nd night, sooo long ago that i forgot about it until i read E's Blog. The 8 of us sat in a circle on the beach at night to celebrate E's birthday. That was fun. We were laughing away as we dug a big hole in the sand to bury him in.....

Kinda sad, u know, thinking back, why couldn't it be like that the whole trip?

It was bad, our conflicts, but u know, could have been worse. At least no one hunted us down and made us into wax dummies.


Joey said...

I dunno wat happened. But u shouldn't blame urself. It can't be JUST ur fault. Maybe it was the situation, maybe it was the whole group.
Conflicts r inevitable. Experience will teach u.
Still, at least u had some fun. :) Welcome back.

sue lin said...

Hie Joey. Thanks, i'm also sure it's not ALL my fauilt. But i can't help but regret and regret and regret...

Yup, nothing i CAN do but learn for the experience. It's my frist trip with friends and i did learn a lot. =)