Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ever Googled Your Name?

I have. There is a Dr. Sue Lin-Chao, who has Dr. in front of her name, so cool and she's with microbiology... sounds cool but i don't think it's that cool.

Then there's Sue Lin Chu... Sue Lin Chong... and eeee, there's a Sue-lin and Julie, sounds so lesbian... let me click on it, haha, no it's harmless, just 2 Chinese ladies in a photograph. A very decent photo, they're in winter clothing and a few feet away from each other.

Then, the medication for diabetes insulin is pronounced IN-sue-lin. But this is not new to me la. In school ppl already related my name to it. That and air suling (distilled water)...

Let's not talk about what i found on page 2.

There are over 10 pages of results, which is good, in a way, no one can easily find my bloggie!

Shit Shit!

Guess what i found when i typed bay-bee-tea?? I hate what i found, and i bet u guys wouldn't know about this. Ever heard of blogshares?? I haven't and i'm sooo shocked! There's this section that says Valuation and apparently my blog is valued at B$2,502.26. What the hell is that??

I thought blogging was just for fun! =( I clicked on my friends' blogshare and i hate seeing other's valued at B$5,000.00++ Makes me feel competitive and err... useless? Like i'm losing. I don't know anything about Blogshares but i HATE it wey!!

Oh and all because of it, i made an effort to put up links. I was originally putting it off. Hehe.


Joey said...

I have never Googled my name. Its so common tat I dont c the point.
haha...wat on earth is tat Blogshares thingy?
Well, if it's any comfort to u, mine's oni worth 200 plus. :)

Joey said...

Eh...No...tats the "link value"...watever tat is...haha

She's Jess said...

SO what is this blogshares all about eh?

sue lin said...

Hie, sorry for the late reply. Haha, Joey, ya lor your name is an English name, what about your Chinese name?

Jess... i have no idea what blgshares are about and how it goes... If i knew... maybe go buy my own shares?? Haha