Saturday, July 23, 2005

Newspapers Are So Informative

I've mention before that i don't read the papers. And then suddenly, when uni started i was reading the papers everyday! Not for education's sake, but because it is a way to avoid studying (or pretending to study). U know, if i bum around in with the papers, my father won't see it as wasting time. So i did a lot of newspaper reading. Haha, just to avoid reading the unit outline for law.

Haha, of course i eventually had to read that unit outline, and yea, it was scary, gave me that i-want-to-vomit-out-of-nervousness feeling.

And the other day, Wednesday, i was practically alone in uni during my long break... didn't want to go out for lunch cuz i could save $$$ by eating the sandwich i brought from home that was meant for breakfast. Having to eat alone isn't fun... there was this News Straits Times lying on one of the tables on the first floor. Someone left it behind?? Then i saw 'With compliments of Great Eastern'. Ok, the papers will be my companion for lunch, thanks Great Eastern. Haha.

I had no idea what APs were till that day. But no point boring u with APs. The interesting thing i read in that day's paper was an encouragement by the government! Haha, they encouraged unemployed graduates to breed ornamental fishes! Turns out, they want to increase exporting fishes. Haha, i was thinking arowana or Japanese carps?? (Correct me if i got any spelling wrong) But they just wanted us to breed and export fishes like guppies, angelfishes and gold fishes. HaHaha. Guppies are easy... aren't they?

They're even offering courses on breeding fish. Or something like that. Hahaha, good back-up right? If i fail my degree (which i mustn't) i'm gonna breed fish. Hehehe, better go cut out that article and keep it like gold, it's my back-up plan, ok?!?!

If u steal my idea, make sure u pay me 10% of your profits. Just kidding.

Haha, okay, next amazing thing i read... there's this device, called Wake Up by Hotzdotcom Sdn Bhd. U put it in your ear and it buzzes when u start to nod (u know when u fall asleep u start to 'fish'?). Costs RM39.90. And comes in 3 colours! Haha

RM39.90 is kinda expensive. Would never consider buying it, wouldn't even have read that article, if i never fell asleep on the road. Now... i'm looking for it, i must get it, i must.

I've learnt my lesson, blah blah blah, but u can never be too safe. Besides, i CANNOT get into another accident at all costs. If i do... i'll have to tell some lie and get the car fixed on my own. And we don't want that to happen, do we??

Hmm... also thinking of using it in lectures... =)


MaS said...

oi ... its not japanese cups .... its japanese carps ..... dats wat i think its spelled anywayz ..... im no english expert ..... lets see whether ppl can see it ....

sue lin said...

Hehe, thanks! I knew there was something wrong... hope u are right. =)

Jazzy*Pam said...

lol, some wake up device?? never heard of it! lols

and hey, me and my bro once got into an accident and since our car wasn't damaged, we just pay up the other party for their damages and never tell our parents until months later! lol. the good part is we avoided the lecturing and nagging and scolding, but the obvious not-so-good part is we had to fork out our own money for the damages!

anyway, lol, i dun read much of newspapers tho. only Life&Times and the entertainment sec! *grin*

sue lin said...

Yup, Cheryl u told me. So what did they say whe u guys DID tell her eventually??

And i'm sooo thankful i'm not the only who doesn't read much news! I've been scolded and frowned upon dunno how many times d!! =)

Jazzy*Pam said...

My dad still doesn't know but we told my mum and she didn't say much. lols. firstly, my mum's kinda lenient with us and all most times and secondly, my brother is her fav! of course she wouldn't say much! ;)

and u're not the only one who gets nagging for not reading da newspaper! i share ur pain! lols

sue lin said...

Haha, i see i see. Eh, ur brother is the one who is same age as us but 10 months or so older than u is it?? Or did i get u confused with another friend?? Sorry!

Hahaha, never knew i'd find someone who gets nagged for that reason!! =)