Sunday, July 10, 2005

Charity Bands or Whatever They're Called

Usually brightly coloured. Rubber and one size fits all, maybe except kids. Oops, sounds like i'm describing something else. Wasn't intended, talking about those charity wristbands and nothing else.

I first heard about them from N, a friend who worked for Starbucks. He's really passionate about his job there and he had one on. Then J wrote about it in her Blog. Then i saw them it being sold at McD, my favourite fastfood (i LOVE their spicy chicken). I bought one yesterday.

And then i bought three today (Saturday)

To me it is a fashion thing. And i get excited over fashion. In addition to thatm, i feel sooo good about myself juz cuz part of what i paid goes to charity. Then i feel bad about the fact that only 10cents of the RM2.90 i pay goes to charity because I should donate more, blah blah blah, the conscience.

Still, at 2.90, it's the cheapest wristbands around. U can get 3 for 10 dollars and that would seem like a good bargain, but if u calculate properly, McD has the best prices around. I'm gonna buy a few more.

But i'll buy one or two from Starbucks, since i heard all 5bucks paid goes to charity. Even if it'd burn a hole in my pocket, but it's for charity blah blah blah. I'll just better make sure of what i heard.


Cheryl said...

ahaha, hey, I am crazy bout this fashion items lately, too! And it feels better when u know u're doing it for charity!

and although the McD ones are cheap and they only contribute 10cents for charity, i love em coz of the wordings on 'em! and lol, i'm thinking of getting the ones in starbucks too! ;)

cheryl said...

and know what, the coolest part bout this is that none of my friends are into the wristbands thingy! am so glad 2 hv a friend who likes it as much as i do! *grins*

looks like we have something in common again! ;)

sue lin said...

hahaha, Cheryl, none of ur frends are into it?? Why la?! I have a few who are but not as crazy as me and u kua. I've already got 6 of 'em... Hehehe

cheryl said...

they're just not impressed by it, lol. and some of em buy it 4 charity but dun wear it. and some think the McD ones are cheapskate. lols.

sue lin said...

Hahah, yeah, some of them think McD's are cheapskate... they ARE cheap, that's why i buy them, so many of them. The craze's not gonna last long what. And i'm sure the band will last long enough...

Cheryl said...

Lols, yes, i buy them coz they are cheap too! I remember reading one of the surveys u did on friendster, the one where u say that u buy clothes that are nice regardless of their brands and prices. and u mentioned that ur friends think that ur sungai wang or sumwhere pants are frm topshop. guess what? I'm like that too!! In fact i'd be happier if the gorgeous pants that I'm so in love with is cheap one, then at least i get to buy them and still have money for other stuff! ;)
Another thing in common huh? *grins*

sue lin said...

Hahahahah, Cheryl! Oh my God, serious!!?? And i can't believe u remembered that. Haha. Ya lor, so true, might as well use the cash to get more stuff rather than buy ONE expensive item and die saving right???

But sumtimes do u ever think u've got a good bargain and then end up seeing everyone with the same shirt?? I avoid Giordano, but BodyGlove's becoming like that too. =(

Hey, thanks for commenting so much =) I'll love 2 read ur blog if u'll allow me access. Hehe

Cheryl said...

Lol, I so know what u mean bout everyone's having the same shirt!

I'm working on my new blogger blog already, will be up soon! ;) will let u know my add later!

sue lin said...

Ya lor, what to do, cheap right??

Unless u paint it or sew or something... which i'll be 2 lazy to. hehe

Okie, tell me abt ur blog anytime!

sue lin said...

No one's gonna read this i guess but, now i have 10 of those bands! Looking for my tenth and final one... the blue one from starbucks