Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Note: Skip this post. It's boring and i'm writing it 100% for myself.

Ahhhh... this is killing me! I don't know what to major in... at the beginning of the year i said i wanted accounting and marketing. And a minor in writing under the communication faculty but now i'm told there's no such thing as minors in Monash. What is this!? Dumb. I was looking forward to my minor more than anything!

Yeah, u know, the only reason i'm doing a business degree was cuz i wanted something stable, something a can reply on. Actually i wanted a double degree: business and communication. Business would be something stable while communication is would be fun. But that's not offered here, i'll have to go to Australia to get that double degree. The counsellors told me to do well in my first year and then transfer to Aust next year.l

Yup, right, too bad i forgot my original goal... now it's too late. I've screwed my first semester, no way am i doing well unless a miracle happens again like PMR, SPM and Ausmat. I don't think i'll be that lucky... i've already had 3 miracles, i can't expect a fourth. Pleassssssse give me a miracle!!!

Besides even if i do get a mircale and do well, i don't think my father would allow me to go overseas next year... in fact i'm sooo sure he won't, that i've already made plans for next year here... actually not plans, just daydreams.

Ahhh... so... here i am, stuck doing a business. 3 years ago, i would tell u that i'd NEVER do business. Lookie where i am.

Business is not all that bad... maybe it is... don't know, i'm confused!! I don't know what to major in, i was just reading through the majors offered online and International Business looks real interesting! Which is good, guess, that'll be what i'd do??

So, my problem now is... what second major should i do?? Should i stick to Accounting?? It looks awfully boring... i mean... doing accounts for SPM was fun... doing accounts itself was fun. But all that theory doesn't look good. Scares me.

So why do i still consider it? Because it's stable? And remember 'stable' being the main reason i'm doing this degree?

I'm not here to enjoy the degree... but i don't wanna die either. Arrrrgh... ok... reasons against taking accounting. Accounting and int. business are no where related. So... that means 8units for int. bus. + 8 units for accounting + 6 units for foundation=22 units. That leaves me free to take only TWO miserable electives, which means i can only do two communication units...

Whether or not my minor in writing is recognised, i AM gonna take some writing subjects. I really want to!

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