Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Amazing Race... to the Toilet.

4 couples and a couple of people. Two nights in the highlands, cool hair and theme park rides... Oops, that just sounded like some reality show set in Genting... Hehe, we ARE heading to Genting Highlands but it's certainly not a reality tv show. Unless, the competition for the toilet in the morning counts... since the ten of us are sharing a two-room apartment with one toilet.

Right after the cable car ride down, some us are heading up north on a road trip to Penang Island. 5 days of sun, sand, sea and... yummmm... if u know what's on my mind. Char kuay teow! Asam laksa! Ikan bakar... why am i writing about food at 2.40am here in KL? Makes my stomach growwwwl.

Other than food, we plan to do some extreme sports, like paragliding i think? And banana boating... which is sort of rafting but your're being pulled by a speedboat, do not confuse banana boating with canoeing. Let's hope it's in season.

Blog more when i get back! =)

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