Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bitter... Butter, Better, Batter, why Bother with a Nice Title?

Ya, i make no sense. I'm tired. In the midst of exams. A paper on Tuesday, a paper on Wednesday, one for today and another for Friday. 3 hours each, on average. All in one shot. A paper a day made me this way. Hahahahaha...

Anyway. Bitter. U know, when u drink bitter medicine/essense of chicken/the black cough remedy drink called fu cha or whatever, u tend hold your nose and drink it all in one shot so u won't have to taste it?

So, that's what this stupid exam is like. Bitter... I'll just have to block out my emotions and go through this in one shot and it'll be over.


soo imm said...

i like the way you describe the whole exam-bitterness thingy hehe. very creative yet so true. ;)

sue lin said...

Haha, thank u Soo Imm!