Sunday, January 02, 2011

Monumental 2010

Plenty of changes, new things and new sights

and flights =)

Started the year weighing 59.7kg and ended the year weighing 56.5kg =) Sold my first car ever, the little white Kancil and bought my first car in Australia, a little purple Starlet

Obtained my Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA). It wasn’t fun but the success is one of the sweetest =)

I posted the following lyrics of a song on Facebook in July: “Certain things turn ugly when you think too hard And nagging little thoughts change into things you can't turn off”. Painful time with thousand “Why?”s. So glad I have finally moved on.

When one door closes, another opens. Some of them didn’t lead anywhere. Some of them gave me hope =)

What will 2011 bring???

Kisses 2010 goodbye!

Happy New Year!


ying2 said...

Happy New Year to u, sue!!wish u enjoy your life n happy everyday in Melbourne!!=)feel glad for u as you accomplished your ICAA last yr!!=)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Ying Ying! Happy new year to u too! May the new year bring u happiness and joy! =) said...

Yes, new door opens.

2001. Time and enough time for yamcha or not? LOL

Oh ya... 2011 another year for my travel escapades once more. Dang I haven't blog any of mine yet.

Isya said...

Happy New Year!!!!!! have an awesome one ahead ok.

Anonymous said...

How did you lose weight? Teach me!

Sue Lin said...

Daniel hey! Minta maaf, saya tiada in Malaysia. If u are headed to Melb, Facebook me!!! =) Where are u going this year? I'm curious, u traveller! Haha! U have loads to blog about huh? So do i so do i, i understand how its like

Isya thanks! I forgot which year it is u said hope the new year kicks the previous year's ass. I liked that one =)

Anonymous backpacking in Southeast Asia normally helps one lose weight. At least one month. And then maintain by going to the gym when u get back home =)

Isya said...

LOL! i said it last year and this year. although this year, i added superkick instead. i need to get a new line...

Sue Lin said...

Its a memorable tagline, good one =) =) Hard to top