Monday, October 11, 2010

Chiang Mai

Came out of the travel agent's shop 3,300Bht (RM350) poorer

But happier =) So glad i got most of my week sorted out =) With 2 nights accommodation at RM11 a night =)

Walked around the Sunday night market from 5.30pm till 9pm! Crazy! Its huge and its fantastic! So different from Bangkok and what more Petaling Street. The best part is there were plenty of Wats along the way, i probably did the Lonely Planet's walking tour without even knowing it =P


Sue Lin said...

Okayyy, backpackers rule no1, never check into a room without inspecting it first. This is the first time i let my guard down and just trusted the tour agent, S.

Floor's dirty, nvm i'll wear slippers, I spend quite some time cleaning the toilet which was full of lizard shit... there's a lizard shit on the bed too, but oh well, the toilet roll i took from yesterday's guest house did the trick, after all i had my fair share of lizard shit in my childhood, so i can can rough it out...

Didnt know how to bring this up to S. But it was ok, she walked past the place i was having dinner and we chat abit, she asked about the room and i just said its a bit dirty, understatement, but i dont want to be rude. She said she'll clean it tomorrow. So ok...

Today's tour was good, nice and relaxed =) Maybe 5 more mins at the waterfall would've been nice =P

Sue Lin said...

The previous comment was written JUST before i went to check out Jonadda, the next guesthouse i moved into.

Plus after checking out Jonadda, i went back to Lunar Sun Sand to find that my lights were not working!!! Disco lights for the rest of the night, decided to make it an early night

Man, that was a month ago. Time flies