Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Where are u now?" is a frequently asked question i get lately. Hahah, my Facebook and blog has misled =P

Its impossible to Blog in real time, there will always be a delay. For instance, this post might make one think i'm back in Australia. But i'm actually writing this from the KL home i grew up in =)

So, after a day of desert rain (5/4/2010), we spent the night in Pimba. We had dinner in a restaurant in nearby Woomera, a rather large town compared to Coober Pedy and Kulgera.

Dinner conversation was funny! Russian made fun of my excessive love for photography, in protest i said i dont take pictures of all the food i eat.

He has lived in Taiwan and he started complaining about people who take pictures of food, post them up on their blogs and then the next day there is a long line outside the restaurant! Haha

Bestfriend looked out the window and said its so yellow, hell yeah. Mostly yellow till u get to wineries. I slept in the backseat throughout the day, cuz i was the designated driver later after wine tasting

Jacobs' Creek vineyard!

Saw their wines in Great Eastern mall the other day after my jog in Ampang =P
Bestfriend and Russian indulged in wine tasting.

While i indulged in photography =)

Our MSN chat display picture after the trip =) Yes, we both had the same picture for a while

Our purchases. The double one was for her dad, the Moscato was for my aunt and her family. My blogging is so backdated, we've already drunk the wine!

Lunch in Tanunda. Fish and chips. Before moving on to our next destination

Barrels. This time i barely even entered the wine tasting area

Early touch of Autumn

Before dusk, the sun was glaring!

At the carpark, shortly before they came join me outdoors =)

Those were good times =)


Joey said...

Can't wait to read more about your travels! :)

Sue Lin said...

Joey awww! Ur so sweet! When are u coming to Aust?! Hahah

And how much longer will u be in the UK? Hope u'll waitttt till i go visit. Hehe

Joey said...

Aust is actually one of the places my parents wanna re-visit again, so who knows, maybe soon?

I will definitely be here until January 2012. After that, I dunno...most likely have to return to Malaysia and give that a go. Come visit la. AirAsia very cheap. My parents took twice already! hehehe

Sue Lin said...

Keep me informed! =)

Yikes, only defnitely till Jan 2012. That doesn't give me much time to save up! Will try my best! Hope to visit then ur there =)